The zombie-themed Run For Your Lives Hong Kong obstacle course and music festival, scheduled for 2 October at the West Kowloon Cultural District, is heading for a showdown with Facebook users.

The event's Facebook page has been bombarded by a string of comments asking the organisers, the Singapore-based sports entertainment agency Action X, to postpone the event due to the Occupy Central protests.

But organisers have yet to address concerns about the event from Facebook users and instead opted to post oddly timed messages and competition incentives from sponsors.

A Facebook post by the organisers counting down three days to the event received 155 comments, many of which said it was bad timing and asked for the event to be postponed.

Facebook user Kyros Ho yesterday responded with a photograph of riot police in gas masks at the Occupy Central protests on Sunday with the oneliner: "The zombies invaded yesterday."


Commenting on the same post, Facebook user Ming Wong said "If the National Day fireworks can be canceled due to the Occupy Central protests, then why not postpone the event?"

Another post that garnered a plethora of comments was part of a Facebook Q&A contest sponsored by Microsoft, the organisers have asked users to submit a 150-word English or 100-character Chinese submission about how they would use the technology giant's Surface Pro 3 to help it escape from zombies.

The winners with the most creative, humorous and ingenuous submission received by 5 October would get a chance to win the tablet.

The post with the rules of the Q&A contest received over 40 comments, many of which again asked the organisers to postpone the event.

Here's Facebook user Kay Tsewingki's response: "Barrier one: police baton, barrier two: pepper spray, barrier three: tear gas. The ultimate barrier: the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Meanwhile, Facebook user Katie Ling replied, "We are running for our lives already."

An open letter was posted as a comment to the social media contest post by Facebook user Chi Wai who said the reasons for requesting the postponement of the event was because Hongkongers are not in the mood to join the event, they have a more terrible enemy to escape from apart from zombies and that the atmosphere is too "sensitive" for holding a fun event.

On the other hand, Facebook user Ted Lam argued, "The registration period is already all done. Just three days before the event, it's bad enough to tell the organisers that it's 'bad timing' and now you are asking them to go back to square one?"

Other Facebook users spoke with the voice of reason and questioned the ability of the organisers to forsee or to deal with the situation from a business standpoint.

Facebook user Yu Tik commented on the countdown post with: "The dates of Occupy Central have been set early on.  Why didn't they consider that carefully before setting the date for the event and only think of postponing it now?"

To which user Terrance Kwok responded: "Sorry, I am a Hongkonger but I really did not know that Occupy Central was set in stone."

Meanwhile, commenting on the Q&A contest post, Facebook user David Ko, also co-founder and managing director of PR agency Daylight Partnership, said, "I am not one of the organisers but I am guessing that a lot of money has already been paid, such as to rent the venue and for setting it up so postponing will definitely be impossible. Or if it is postponed, there will be no refund."

"Why not let those who want to run, participate, and those who want to Occupy Central to continue occupying?  Everyone has the freedom to do as they see fit and this is exactly the kind of social rights that we want to defend for Hong Kong."

Daylight Partnership is a sponsorship partner for the Run For Your Lives Hong Kong event.

An Action X representative told esb电竞数据投注电脑版 that the organisers have not yet responded to requests to postpone the event on Facebook because they are still in negotiations with the owner of the venue, the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority.

"We understand Hongkongers' feelings for Occupy Central and we support Hongkongers standing up for what they believe in," the representative said.

"We have the intention to postpone the event and are exploring the opportunity to postpone it. However, it is a venue-specific event and we are still talking to West Kowloon about what we can do and to push for postponing it."

But she adds that the organisers cannot cancel the event.

"We definitely can't cancel the event because so much effort has been put into it and we hope participants can understand that."

The South China Morning Post has removed its paywall for news and information about the student-led protests that have rocked the city.

The paper announced yesterday (28 September) that access to all breaking news on the protests would be free.

"Tune in to SCMP for the latest breaking news on the protests, with UNLIMITED ACCESS to Occupy Central articles".

Access to since the protests started has been inconsistent, with this message appearing on a regular basis, but the SCMP said it was largely due to high traffic.

"Due to increasing high traffic to from local, regional and international markets, the website has experienced sporadic interruptions. We are re-calibrating resources to cater for continuous high traffic."

SCMP down

The protests have also seen local newspaper Apple Daily operate a live broadcast operation from a special Occupy Central website

Apple Daily Occupy

30/9/2014: Updated with comments from SCMP.

Google will kick-start its 12-day digital marketing programme Squared in Hong Kong on 20 October.

Squared, a free digital education aimed at nurturing rising digital talent, was created in London last year was launched in Singapore, New York and Hamburg earlier this year. Four major programmes are organised every year in the UK.

The first Squared programme in Hong Kong will be attended by 25 digital marketers from 25 agencies across advertising, marketing and media buy industries as well as brands, with one from each company. Each marketer was nominated by his or her senior managers at their respective company.

Participating brands include Unilever, Nestle, L’Oreal, Johnson and Johnson, and Sony.

Meanwhile, among the participating agencies are Carat, Mindshare, JWT, iProspect and Ogilvy & Mather.

"The course will not just be about Google - it will be rooted in industry needs," Sarah Tate, head of Squared Hong Kong at Google, said.

Tate and other local industry experts will teach the course, which will cover digital skills, big-picture trends and communication skills for clients and for colleagues to help instill change in the marketers' companies after the course finishes.

Staff will take part in three live projects - a live brand launch, analysis of a live set of data and an online technology start-up pitch.

Starcom Margaret Ho

"The pace of growth in digital marketing is faster than that of digital talent in Hong Kong," Margaret Ho, deputy general manager at Starcom Hong Kong, said.

"Existing digital marketers do not have enough knowledge to back up a proposed campaign or the rationale behind it for the client or to evaluate if a campaign is effective. There is no complete training on this."

Starcom Hong Kong is another agency taking part in the inaugural Squared programme.

Ho said, "We also need something to give Hong Kong talent a boost - otherwise, local digital marketers will be left behind and foreigners will take up those positions in Hong Kong. We are already recruiting digital talent from overseas and if this continues, there will be fewer and fewer opportunities for Hong Kong digital marketers."

While there is an extremely high mobile penetration rate in Hong Kong, genuinely creative mobile campaigns are relatively rare.

"Mobile is a daily touch point for the consumer so everyone wants to jump on this bandwagon. We know the opportunity is there but the insights around mobile marketing are still very scattered. As an industry, we haven't been able to gather together all the pieces of the puzzle and developed a sophisticated understanding," Ho said.

Examples of an incomplete understanding of mobile marketing include knowledge of how to find the right platform and use the right benchmarks for measuring ROI.

Another reason for going for training outside of the agency is to help retain digital talent.

"Digital marketers ask agencies to offer training in digital that is different from the on-the-job training common in the agency world because things move so quickly. Plus, internal training only focuses on internal resources," Ho said.

"Finding talent has been very difficult in the past two years. Fresh graduates working in the industry for just a year may move to another company because they receive a better offer. Meanwhile, we are always looking for experienced people to help us handle local campaigns."

For the course, apart from the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, Google will work with educational organisation Impact International.


SCMP Group has launched a dedicated ad-funded content unit called SCMP Brand Post, offering advertisers the ability to build content around their brands.

The dedicated unit is available on all of SCMP's English and Chinese digital platforms and offers what it called a "much sought-after channel for marketers and brands to deepen connection with their target audience."

SCMP Brand Post has already worked with HKT Premier, The Venetian Macau and Henderson Land Development to create sponsored content around their brands.

HKT Premium's Brand Post, titled "Premier Living", centred around quality home environments; and Henderson Land Development's Brand Post, named "Neighbourhood Treasures", explored the unforgettable eateries and places of interest in Island West.

The Venetian Macau crafted a Brand Post in Chinese on SCMP's Chinese lifestyle website to present its various events and promotions in a dedicated online channel entitled "Cotai Strip".

"In a native advertising environment, brands are able to draw consumers closer to them unassumingly,” Romanus Ng, general manager of SCMP Advertising and esb电竞数据投注电脑版 Solutions, said in a press release.

He added that the move was a natural one for the publishing group, which was recognised for its ability to create quality content for readers.

"The content, be they stories, photos or videos, are relevant to the consumption habits of their consumers while not directly promoting the advertising brands.

SCMP said from January to September recorded over 10 million monthly page views and was visited by 2.8 million monthly unique users.

SCMP has revamped its recently acquired magazines Destination Macau and DM Exclusive , two titles focused squarely on the lifestyle of Macau.

Destination Macau is the first of the two magazines to be relaunched and has already found strong advertising support from a number of fashion and automotive brands from Chanel, Tiffany, Hugo Boss, Armani, Tissot and Mercedes-Benz.

DM Exclusive will be published later this month.

In April this year South China Morning Post Publishers acquired Destination Macau Limited, the owner of both magazines, for close to HK$6.8 million.

Both titles will keep their focus on lifestyle and will be published in English and Simplified Chinese.

A team of SCMP specialist journalists are have been assigned to both magazines to focus on affluent, modern and discerning readers who seek leisure, gourmet cuisines and world-class entertainment in Macau.

Romanus Ng, general manager of SCMP Advertising and esb电竞数据投注电脑版 Solutions, said both titles are well positioned to strengthen marketers' reach to top-tier clientele.

"In addition, the two revamped titles will be our strong pathfinders to geographically expand from our Hong Kong base to one of the world's fastest growing luxury retail market."

Winnie Chung, editorial director of SCMP Specialist Publications, added that the revamped titles feature a new font type, improved photographs and graphics.

"Our Specialist team has worked hard in keeping intact the essence of the magazines while leading the titles to the next level to capture the hearts and minds of generations of readers to come," she said.

"Macau, being Southern China's hottest place for highlife entertainment and leisure, will never stop inspiring us with interesting topics and trends, helping us to grow the magazines with our readers."

Kate Scott, former senior manager of digital esb电竞数据投注电脑版 at CSL, has moved to Bauer Media as head of digital.

Scott will oversee custom digital media for Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, Shun Tak Holding’s TurboJET, and Star Cruises.

Scott spent close to three years with CSL.

Petula Kincaid, publishing Director at Bauer Media Hong Kong, said the company was "significantly upgrading" its digital capabilities, to deliver custom content across all channels to meet the demands of clients and customers.

Standard Chartered Bank has tapped Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong to operate its social media business in some 17 markets across the globe.

While the bank and the agency was unable to comment on the news, it is understood that Standard Chartered is looking to bring some continuity to how it executes a social strategy across paid and earned media and its content marketing.

The win sees Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong take charge of key strategic hubs in Asia from Hong Kong to India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and China.

Other markets under its remit will include UAE, Pakistan, Taiwan, Korea, Kenya, Nigeria, Bahrain, Thailand, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

The move is not expected to change how the bank works with other agencies, including TBWA which manages creative work for the Standard Chartered brand.

Earlier this year Standard Chartered appointed Sanjeeb Chaudhuri to the newly created role of group head of brand and chief marketing officer to oversee all brand and marketing teams across the group, and take overall responsibility for developing a singular, cohesive brand strategy.

His appointment followed Standard Chartered’s move to restructure and integrate its wholesale and consumer banking businesses.

Chaudhuri will also lead the bank’s brand recognition efforts across digital and mobile channels. He will also play a key role in helping to deepen the understanding of its current brand proposition, “Here for Good”.

Desmond So (蘇頌輝), the host of TVB Pearl's lifestyle show Dolce Vita and renown emcee, is trying to utilise his own experience in the law and finance industry to help white-collar business men in China polish their professional image, with a new business etiquette company officially launched yesterday.

Targeting corporates in Greater China, his new workplace etiquette institute EWIAE (East-West Institute of Applied Etiquette), is designed to boost the confidence of business executives when they deal with clients and business partners to ensure a stellar first impression and demonstrate business professionalism and sophistication.

The firm also provides training to international executives who seek to do business in Greater China and who may not have a clear understanding of the customs and cultural nuances particular in the region.

In an interview with esb电竞数据投注电脑版 , So said three main groups of businessmen have a lot of room for improvement in terms of workplace etiquette, namely bankers, their clients, and job interviewees.

"We see many common mistakes among executives which have been easily overlooked. For example wearing white socks, lack of eye contact, and inappropriate handshakes. They can damage your first impression given to people and can be fatal to your career."

“Few companies or managers realize that there are tangible costs to a company’s bottom line as a result of workplace incivility," said So.

"Poor performance, diminished productivity, and employee attrition are just some of the real consequences that cost companies millions of dollars each year."

A joint study by Georgetown University and Thunderbird School of Global Management shows 48% of employees reported intentionally decreased woke effort after experiencing incivility in workplaces; wile 78% felt less committed to their employers; 25% admitted to taking out their frustration on customers.

"We are seeing a few trends in today’s globalised marketplace - costs are by and large going down and converging toward a uniform point; companies are no longer competing on price alone; and premium client service experience is what sets companies apart and wins business.

"This is something Asian companies, in particular, cannot afford to ignore."

He said EWIAE is established with an intent to change the way people perceive Chinese businesses.

"As more and more Chinese enterprises step up to the global stage, build their brands, and form strategic partnerships, executives from these organizations are increasingly under scrutiny to conduct themselves in ways that conform to international standards of etiquette and business protocol.”

“We don’t just teach how to shake hands and make eye contact," he added.

"We believe in holistically combining customs and best practices from the East and West, by providing etiquette and communications-skills trainings to Greater China business executives and professionals to make sure that they communicate professionally and confidently regardless of what industry they work in.”

So said a three-hour business tutorial had a price tag of HK$1200 per head.

With tailor made services and his own fame in the law, finance, and media industries, don't expect low tuition fees.

The institute works with major multinational and Chinese organizations from the banking, luxury retail, property, transportation, and public sectors.

EWIAE builds on So’s previously established business “Not Just The Right Fork”, which has been providing business etiquette consulting services in Hong Kong since 2008. The firm will shift and concentrate its focus on providing social etiquette training to children and young adults while EWIAE will exclusively serve the needs of business executives and professionals.

Finalists for the inaugural Spark Awards for media excellence have been unveiled, with 27 Hong Kong media owners have been shortlisted from a strong field of contenders.

Finalists are in the running to take home a total of 71 trophies across 26 categories at a gala awards dinner to be held at The Mira Hong Kong on 27 August.

Among those shortlisted include, Time Out Hong Kong and Gameloft in the Best Entertainment category, along with Next Mobile Limited, NM+ and SCMP Hearst in the Best Media Campaign – Digital category.

NM+, Buspak Advertising, SCMP Hearst, JCDecaux Transport, and Hong Kong Economic Times are among the most shortlisted media companies in the inaugural 2014 Spark Awards.

In the coveted team awards category, Asiaray Media Group, Buspak Advertising and Next Mobile Limited - Apple Daily are in the running for Best Commercial Team, while Sky Post, Hong Kong Economic Times while JCDecaux Cityscape and NM+ will battle it out for the title of Best Creative Team.

A full shortlist can be seen here .

The finalists were selected after an intense full-day judging session involving 15 marketers and media professionals from 7-Eleven, China Construction Bank, FWD, Hang Seng Bank, KFC, Hong Kong Suning Commerce, Miele, The Miramar Group, Skechers, Sky100, Maxus, PHD and OMG.

To book your table and be part of this gala awards dinner, and network with industry leaders, follow this  link  for details.


In the midst of strong business growth, Facebook yesterday unveiled its new office on the 60th of the One Island East tower located at Quarry Bay.

Having launched its first office in Hong Kong three years ago, the new harbour-view office, which spans around 11,000 square feet, is designed to echo the core value of Facebook - to make the world more open and connected - via a heavy dose of local favour.

Special office feature include: branded open kitchen, graphite artworks from local artists, treadmill and moveable height desks, colloquially named meeting room, position navigator, and its proudest giant "Write Something" wall to capture messages from staff and guests.



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In this exclusive video, Jayne Leung, head of Sales of Facebook Greater China, reveals a brand new employee structure in the Hong Kong office designed to cater to different market sectors, as well as the future development plans to tap the mobile trend.

In Q2 2014, Facebook's total revenue was US$2.9 billion, an increase of 61% compared with US$1.8 billion in the Q2 of 2013.

Total advertising revenue was $2.68 billion, a 67% increase from the same quarter last year. While mobile advertising revenue grew 151% and was 62% of total ad revenue. Total payments and other fees revenue was $234 million in Q2.

With over 1.5 million active advertisers, Leung said Facebook will continue to make progress across all segments of marketers and continues to focus on advertising product development to serve each segment’s specific needs, as a big part of its revenue comes from advertising.

"SMBs continue to utilise Facebook as a key channel to build businesses. To date, we have over 30 million active small businesses, including 19 million on mobile."

India-inspired products maker Chumbak,for instance, has reported 35% of online revenue and 38% of website traffic fuelled by Facebook. The company's Facebook ads deliver over 50 return on advertising spend and have helped the company grow to more than 150 employees.

"Over 4.4 million people accessing Facebook monthly and a 60% Facebook penetration rate in Hong Kong, this expansion is a great opportunity to help partners and clients strengthen connections with business," she said.

With the new office and bigger team, Facebook is on its journey to shift towards making marketing personal and building stronger relations with local business, with a particular focus on mobile development, says Dan Neary, vice president of Facebook Asia Pacific.

"Asia Pacific, now the fastest growing region in term of business, is critical to Facebook. Mobile has become the fastest growing media to Facebook and that provides a lot of opportunities to companies to connect with users.

Among its 829 million daily average users (as of June 30, 2014), users on mobile amounts for 654 million on average, an increase of 39% year-over-year.

"In Hong Kong, roughly 86% of our overall users access on Facebook via mobile devices, that's among the highest of anywhere in Asia Pacific. We all recognised that moving onto mobile is the future."

The primary reason to expand the Hong Kong office, he said, is for increasing the opportunity for business to connect with existing users and acquired users.

"Moving forward, our primary focus would be working with companies to educate them on how to take advantage on the Facebook platform to build their business. One unique value of Facebook versus other digital platforms, is that Facebook is about real identity. And one of the thing that represent for businesses, is the opportunity to target messages that are specific and relevant.

"Facebook helps make business personal again," he added.

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