Moving Walls, a global ad-tech player, powers Philippines’ evolving programmatic campaign with a well-known Korean multinational electronics company as its first advertiser.

The ad-tech company integrated the campaign through Google DV360 supported by PMX Precision PH, and automated the planning and buying of Out-of-Home (OOH) on 4 iconic screens in Metro Manila.

Programmatic has been heralded as the driver of media efficiency and connecting billboard media to this technology is attracting digital buyers to the medium. The ad-tech player has built a complete technology stack - Moving Audiences - to connect OOH to the digital ecosystem.

The Moving Audiences platform developed its own location intelligence system that enables OOH planning and measurement. This provides standardized global metrics looking at numbers of unique passengers, reach, and frequency to send contextually relevant ads to the right times and locations.

Quenten Smith, PMX Lead Publicis Philippines at Publicis Media, say: “The Philippines is one of the fastest-growing digital markets in the region. The exciting thing to see about programmatic is that when technology develops, marketers are exposed to more and more opportunities to find and create more holistic experiences for their audiences."

"We are excited to be the first ad-tech player to lead a google DV360-enabled programmatic DOOH campaign in the region. Programmatic advertising shows a promise of true digital transformation,” said Norman Davadilla, CEO of Moving Walls Philippines. “We believe programmatic buying is the future trend, and enabling this pilot campaign in the region will elevate audience engagement to a whole new level," he adds.

What it means for Filipino marketers

Digital advertisers can easily implement and manage Digital OOH in an automated manner which results in greater transparency and accountability of OOH media.

The ad-tech company launching programmatic trading capabilities makes improved campaigns equipped with Ad-Play validation, Audience driven campaigns with customisable audience segments, real-time targeting, and campaign performance reporting.

Automating the buying and selling of billboard inventory gives marketers more time to focus on what really matters - improving and optimising their campaigns. Location intelligence provides the consumer movement insights to enable this.

Today, even for outdoor advertising, "location" is more about the locations being visited by consumers rather than the location of the billboard. This information becomes even more necessary when you factor in that a majority of purchases still happen in physical stores. Time spent outside the home - commuting, shopping, and on leisure activities is also on the rise.
Location intelligence is not only helping marketers understand their customers better - it is driving outdoor programmatic and media decisions.


Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, saw great excitement for 9.9 Super Shopping Day, signaling a robust start to the year-end shopping season. Over 45 million items were sold within the first 99 minutes. Shoppers saved more with 60 million vouchers claimed in the first two hours of September 9 at the Mega Midnight Sale. With the widest variety of products from local sellers as well as trusted brand partners, shoppers found all they needed on Shopee.

Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines , said, “We are extremely heartened by the strong enthusiasm for 9.9 Super Shopping Day. As many communities still grapple with the ongoing pandemic, we are humbled to play a part in providing shoppers more value, choices, and entertainment from the convenience of their homes, while helping more sellers and brands connect with their customers. We have even more exciting deals and activities lined up for this year-end shopping season, and we look forward to helping more businesses capture new growth opportunities and bringing joy to consumers with personalized, engaging, and social shopping experiences.”

Filipinos welcomed the start of the year-end shopping season with enthusiasm. At its peak, over 9.5 million items were sold in just an hour in Metro Manila alone. The Mega Midnight Sale, held from 12 AM to 2 AM, also saw a 3X uplift in shoppers compared to an average day as Filipinos snapped up many unbeatable deals.

Filipinos are purchasing a wide variety of products, ranging from health essentials to home improvement products. This 9.9 Super Shopping Day, consumers primarily shopped for Home & Living items to spruce up their homes and Health & Personal Care essentials to keep them safe and healthy. Shoppers prioritized stocking up on a variety of face masks with over 1.9 million items sold. Products such as wallpaper decor also saw over 300,000 items sold. Consumers preferred to shop for home and fashion finds locally, with Filipino sellers WILLET, grocerysale.no1, and ABUBOT_PH selling the most number of items.

Shoppers enjoyed the biggest deals from personal care and tech brands. Uni-Care, Xiaomi, and NIVEA emerged as the top brands with the most number of orders. Filipinos enjoyed flash deals, discounts up to 50% off, and freebies from these brands.

ShopeePay provides seamless service to Filipinos, online and offline. Shopee saw an increase in Filipinos embracing digital payment methods for greater convenience, security, and value, both online and offline. In fact, more offline merchants in the country such as Puregold, Potato Corner, Jollibee, BonChon, Gong Cha, and CoCo have adopted ShopeePay to provide a seamless payment experience. The Philippines saw a 57X uplift in the number of offline merchants at 9.9 Super Shopping Day, compared to the previous year.

Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) announced today that the company is the first partner in the Philippines to join Visa’s FinTech Fast Track program as a BIN sponsor. This means that UnionBank can work with Fintechs to help them gain access to the same global payment technology, expertise, and revenue opportunities as they would if they were a direct card issuer with Visa. Partnering with UnionBank also provides Fintechs the solutions and expertise they need to launch their programs with speed and efficiency.

“At Visa, we are focused on engaging and building strategic partnerships with FinTechs through our existing programs. We’re extremely pleased to have UnionBank join us as the first Visa Fintech Fast Track program partner and BIN sponsor in the Philippines. We will collaborate with UnionBank to identify Fintechs that can create relevant payment programs to reach out to the underserved segments and leverage on the untapped opportunities for digital payments in the country. This will enable us to create relevant payment solutions to enable the movement of funds seamlessly and securely and engage the vibrant Fintech community in the Philippines,” said Dan Wolbert, Visa Country Manager for the Philippines.

"Through our partnership with Visa and their Fintech Fast Track Program, Fintechs in the Philippines can leverage on UnionBank's EON product to provide Visa cards to their base and make use of EON APIs to integrate this with their platforms and apps," said Ana A. Delgado, UnionBank Chief Customer Experience Officer, Chief Digital Channels Officer, and Fintech Business Group Head. "This is in line with our aim to digitally enable UnionBank customers through our partnerships with industry leaders and our own innovative banking solutions."

The Visa Fintech Fast Track program is part of Visa’s global strategy to open up its network and support a broad range of players that are developing new commerce experiences. It provides a new commercial framework that includes eased access to Visa’s payment capabilities and streamlined processes to support companies of different sizes and at different growth phases.

In 2019, when Hidilyn Diaz went publicly on social media to bravely ask for financial support from private companies to help fund her Olympics stint, leading life insurer Manulife was one of those that heeded the call and signed her up as the company’s brand ambassador in the Philippines.

The partnership aimed to inspire Filipinos to work hard, believe in one’s self ― even when faced with the biggest roadblocks ― and turn challenges into life-changing opportunities.

When the pandemic struck last year, the Tokyo Olympics was postponed. Diaz thought her dream to compete and win the gold had ended. Despite the setback, the Filipino airwoman and weightlifter still did the work. In her words, translating from the Filipino vernacular, “The life of an athlete is training, training, training.” She also believed that the opportunity to represent the country had not been lost.

“Because of uncertainty brought by COVID-19, many of us developed new fears and worries. Despite this, many Filipinos have managed to keep their momentum and focus on reaching their aspirations. Hidilyn Diaz is a great example,” shared Melissa Henson, Chief esb电竞数据投注电脑版 Officer of Manulife Philippines.

“The gritty athlete that she is, Hidilyn maintained a positive mindset and continued to focus on her training. Her values and determination truly inspired us, and as Manulife’s brand ambassador, we know that she can inspire our fellow Filipinos to keep focused on their dreams, too,” Henson shared. 

“While she had to be away from her family and put her life outside weightlifting in the back seat, her relentless preparation allowed her to qualify for the rescheduled Tokyo Olympics this year, and eventually led her to win the first-ever Olympic gold medal for the Philippines. It has been such an honor to witness her incredible journey, and we are so proud of her,” Henson added.  

To show their gratitude for the effort and perseverance that led her to the gold, Manulife Philippines has announced that they will be giving Hidilyn Diaz a Manulife Horizons insurance policy with lifetime coverage of Php10 million.

On her Instagram page, where she mentioned Manulife Philippines and the importance of having the right plan, Hidilyn gave a glimpse of a “day in the life on the road to the Olympics,” where her routine consisted of “eat, train, rest” and “repeat but do better tomorrow.” She also shared how “it takes a lot of work, discipline, focus and determination” to see the process through, to make the country proud and bring home the much-coveted gold.

“I thought I would never be able to fulfill my dreams because of the pandemic. But I’ve always had one goal:  always aim for the gold in whatever I do in life. This is the message I want to impart to my countrymen. Despite the many challenges we are facing, what’s important is we never give up. Because in the end, we will reach our goals. Continue to fight!” said Diaz.

Before her historic and successful stint at this year’s Olympics, where she set a new Olympic record at the women’s weightlifting 55kg division, to win with a total of 224kg in her last lift in the clean and jerk, Hidilyn won silver in the 53kg class in the Rio Olympics in 2016. In Rio, she ended a 20-year Olympic medal drought for the Philippines, and gave the first non-boxing medal for the country since 1936. She also competed in the 2018 Asian Games, where she became the first-ever Filipino weightlifter of any gender to win a gold medal in the regional meet.

She is now the first Filipina weightlifter to compete in four consecutive Summer Olympic Games, having also competed in Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012, where she was the Philippines’ flagbearer during the opening ceremony.

With a growing record of landmark victories, Diaz is excited to see what’s in store for her in the future. In fact, she has also been thinking about her retirement plans.

“For sure, people have askd me what’s next? Setting goals and having a plan are important to secure my family’s future. Savings and insurance are the answer! I know I can’t compete forever, so I am saving bit by bit,” she posted on Instagram.

Diaz has demonstrated the importance of creating new beginnings and restarting plans to live the life you want. Armed with more passion, grit, and love for the sport and country, the 30-year-old Olympic champion will surely keep beating the odds -- lifting herself and others up along the way --  and proving that when one works hard and takes charge of their future, anything is possible.  


In keeping with the agency’s commitment to delivering ideas-led, data-driven and tech-enabled work, dentsu Philippines announced the promotion of Roki Ferrer to head of data. Ferrer will report directly to JC Catibog, CEO, dentsu Philippines.

 Prior to the promotion, Roki was the agency’s connections strategy and research lead. A marketing and communications expert with over 16 years of brand management, corporate communications, integrated marketing communications, and connections planning experience, Ferrer's solid foundation of business understanding and campaign management was testament in the success of the campaigns he had worked on as a client marketer. These campaigns include work for Coca-Cola, Globe Telecom, and SkinWhite. In the past five years, he has worked on the agency side and widened his perspectives of different planning tools, frameworks, and approaches to deliver custom solutions to solve complex business problems of local and global brands.

Catibog commented: “Knowledge is nothing without experience, and this is true of the role that Roki has played at dentsu and in the industry. He has enabled us to be thought-leaders in the realm of consumer and media by spearheading webinars, media bulletins, and bespoke research consultancies that surfaced new truths brought about by the pandemic. Roki’s marketing acumen and knowledge of the power of data will sharpen consumer understanding of our clients and future-proof the agency to unlock audience identity solutions, solutions that help navigate challenges in the digital world.”

In his new role, Ferrer will expand his strategy and research remit to equip and accelerate the data offering of dentsu Philippines and create business value through data services and products for clients.

 In enabling a culture led by data, Ferrer will be in charge of data science, strategy, governance, and evangelisation for the organisation in collaboration with other functions locally and regionally, to bring cutting-edge thinking to dentsu’s businesses.

Commenting on his new role, Ferrer said: “People-based marketing is the way forward, and data will be the spine that bridges brands closer to the ever-evolving consumer beliefs, dispositions, and behaviors. I am looking forward to working with the team to deliver next generation data products as we evolve our proprietary audience panel and planner, and find key technology and media partnerships to build new platforms. It is definitely an exciting time for dentsu.”

The inaugural YouTube Works Awards has named brand content, campaigns, and channels that stood out in effectiveness and creativity in 2020. Despite being a year fraught with challenges, brands in the Philippines set the bar high on effectively using YouTube to deliver results and tell stories that resonate with local audiences. 

“As the pandemic changed life as we know it, the way we tell brand stories and engage audiences evolved too. YouTube Works Awards saw that, despite the restrictions in creative production and reaching consumers, brands in the Philippines rose above the challenge and expanded the possibilities with YouTube to effectively drive results and tell stories that resonate with Filipinos,” said Gabby Roxas, Head of esb电竞数据投注电脑版 at Google Philippines. “Congratulations to all the winners and we look forward to the continued participation and support of the industry next year!”

The top awards went to RC Cola’s “ Basta ” campaign, which was lauded for being brave enough to take creative risks and making effective use of Gen Z’s surrealist humor. The campaign won both The David --which honors the campaign that created a Goliath-sized impact for a David-sized brand--and the Grand Prix --which awards the brand that demonstrated excellence throughout the entire process of creating the campaign. Garnering more than seven million views to date, the video boosted RC’s sales by 63% showing that taking bold, creative risks pays off.

“At a tumultuous time when it would normally be considered unconventional to experiment, bravery in exploring the bold and the new pays off,” said Leigh Reyes, Internet and Mobile esb电竞数据投注电脑版 Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) President, C3PO (Chair 3meritus and Product Officer) of MullenLowe TREYNA, and YouTube Works Jury Head. “RC Cola’s ‘ Basta’ campaign pushed the boundaries of the Pinoy advertising approach, tapping into absurdism to cut through repetitive and mundane lockdown content. Congratulations to Gigil, RC Cola, and the rest of the winners of the first-ever YouTube Works Awards!”

Roxas continued, “RC Cola’s story of a bizarre family who ended up showing that they are embracing and enjoying their difference is consistent with the campaign’s approach--the pursuit to unapologetically stand out in a sea of formulaic content to achieve marketing and business objectives. YouTube Works aims to celebrate and champion campaigns like this to invite brands to continue innovating, experimenting, and learning.”

Filipinos love following stories and characters. That’s why half of the entries in YouTube Works Awards comprised multiple videos and formats with episodic content, all vying for the Best Multi-Video Storytelling award. The winner of this category--TNT’s "Free Games for All"  series--capitalized on Filipinos’ love for gaming mixed with hugot lines to tell the story of four friends bonding over online games told through three videos. Driving a 165% increase in revenue versus the previous year, this campaign proved that YouTube viewers keep coming back for episodic content especially if it offers a compelling narrative.

  The power of entertaining content and authenticity is at the heart of the winners of the Best Brand Channel and Best Collaboration awards respectively.

The Red Horse Lakas-Tama Channel, winner of the Best Brand Channel category, focused on building a channel that looked beyond product marketing to create content that its target market would watch and engage, with especially over a bottle of beer: online concerts, variety show sketches, and entertainment-led videos. As a result, its subscriber base grew 2X from 26,000 in October 2019 to 54,000 in 2020, and the YouTube channel scored 3.4 million views last year. The channel continues to grow, with a subscriber base that now stands at more than 87,000.

As the winner of the Best Collaboration award, Lucky Me! Pancit Canton, together with YouTube creator Mimiyuuuh, created the “Pinakahihintay NaThin” campaign that put a lighthearted spin on the brand’s return to their original--and much-loved--thin noodles by calling out social media naysayers while challenging them to try the new and improved version of the product. With this, Lucky Me! saw a lift in purchase intent and brand favor, achieving a view through rate (VTR) 18% higher than campaigns without creator collaborations.

Rounding up the winners of this year’s YouTube Works Awards are two heartfelt campaigns that show how brands with purpose can drive impact in times of uncertainty.

P&G placed pandemic heroes at the heart of their  "A Frontliner's Sacrifice" campaign that puts the spotlight on the real, raw sacrifices of our frontliners while being away from their families to care for the sick. The online film won P&G the Force for Good award.

 Globe Telecom’s “ A Star Wars Experience For All ” campaign won the Best Long Form Storytelling award for its heartwarming story about two young boys who created a special viewing experience for their deaf friend. The campaign shows the importance of inclusivity by representing and uplifting persons with accessibility challenges.

“I'd like to congratulate all the winners of YouTube Works. Their campaigns are truly inspiring and speak volumes about the future of advertising in the Philippines. From taking bold, creative risks to playing meaningful roles amid the pandemic, these brands effectively harnessed insights and stories to use YouTube in driving desired results.

“While there were many great campaigns this year, the Best Personalization award went unclaimed, nonetheless. This brings an opportunity for brands and agencies to challenge themselves further about contextual targeting and fully unlock this potential. I’m excited to see how they will take this challenge to bag the award next year,” said Gary de Ocampo, Chief Executive Officer, Insights Division, Kantar Philippines.

The new partnership between Wattpad, the global multi-platform entertainment company for original stories, and kumu, the Philippines’ number one homegrown live streaming platform will diversify Wattpad ‘s stories into kumu’s digital formats such as live streaming, audio streaming and social commerce.

Exclusive Wattpad livestreams will be held at the official @Wattpad PH account on kumu. Fans and aspiring writers can come together to discuss their appreciation for all things storytelling. Every Friday, 7pm PHT, viewers can tune in to watch the “Write With Me” livestream series, a special live show where fans can meet and interact with Wattpad stars. More similar stories will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Wattpad boasts a diverse community of 90 million readers globally, and more than 6 million of them are in the Philippines. This partnership will give some of Wattpad’s most popular influencers the opportunity to connect with their fans in the region, developing a slate of interactive social streaming content exclusive to kumu.

Representing a new age of social TV, kumu has established itself as a uniquely dominant social platform in Southeast Asia with around 10 million downloads across the world. kumu users are spending almost one hour per day on the app, with more than 60 million livestreams watched per month. The live streaming platform sees top Filipino celebrities coming on to the app to have unique interactions with their fans.

Through the power of live streaming, kumu will allow audiences to send virtual gifts to their favourite Wattpad stars. The  partnership will enable social commerce, paving the way for  upcoming opportunities for ticketed events, merchandise, and apparel in the near future.

“We are excited to partner with kumu and offer Filipinos a new way to see the stories they love come to life,” says Chris Stefanyk, head of brand partnerships at Wattpad. “The Gen Z community on Wattpad is passionate and highly engaged, and we’re excited for this new opportunity to connect readers with their favourite indie writers.”

Angelo Mendez, co-founder and chief of content at kumu, adds, “Wattpad is a big part of Gen Z Filipino culture, and this partnership will allow us to broaden our audiences by giving them an opportunity to foster authentic connections with their favourite Wattpad stars and new ways to enjoy their favourite Wattpad content.”

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