Freeport Capital's subsidiary Hybrid Paytech is set to open its first office in Hong Kong in response to the emerging mobile payment solution.

Freeport Capital, a mobile payment provider, has announced its subsidiary Hybrid Paytech will expand its global footprint with a branch in Hong Kong and the formation of Hybrid Paytech Asia Pacific.

The office will be headed by Ronald Chua, former deputy general manager of Ease2Pay Hong Kong, who will promote Hybrid's mobile payment platform to merchants across Asia.

Hybrid is currently collaborating with Go Fun Card to launch the first payment mobile application in Hong Kong. Go Fun Card provides customised business solutions and services for its more than 200 merchants in Hong Kong.

The collaboration will customers to make transaction and check collected points on one application.

"Collaborating with Hybrids payment technology makes perfect sense leveraging Go Fun customers and hybrids mobile payment solution with a combined loyalty rewards and redemption solution not seen yet in developed markets,"

Massimo Barone, chairman of Hybrid Paytech Asia, said Hong Kong will serve as the main point of entry for Hybrid in Asia.

"A local presence is needed to satisfy local enterprise and business needs which have yet to embrace mobile payments." Barone added.

The also company plans to expand to Mainland China, Macau and South East Asia.

Hong Kong – The Australian Chamber of Commerce declared 20 March Brisbane Day in efforts to draw attention to its latest "Choose Brisbane" campaign, which strives to put the Australian city into local businesses’ radars.

The campaign by the economic development board of Brisbane esb电竞数据投注电脑版 chose Hong Kong as the first city to launch its brand campaign because of the city’s “well-established business, trade, research, social, educational and cultural ties with home,” Brisbane esb电竞数据投注电脑版 chairman, Ian Klug, said.

"Like Hong Kong, Brisbane is a new world city. We offer an innovative and diverse business environment, a highly skilled workforce, excellent infrastructure, a similar climate to Hong Kong, world-class educational facilities and a safe, clean environment,” he said, adding that Mandarin is the second most-spoken language in the city, followed by Cantonese.

Brisbane esb电竞数据投注电脑版 ads will soon appear in business magazines and bus shelters featuring world leaders at G20 and other prominent personnel from the city to promote industries like real estate, biotechnology, aviation, food and agribusiness, manufacturing, construction, research and education.

The campaign will soon extend into mainland Beijing and Shanghai.

Though Nikon has already launched its Facebook for awhile, it makes its first Facebook push – dubbed “ I am a City Explorer ” – by inspiring netizens with the camera’s capabilities.

Under the campaign Nikon will posts weekly videos and photos asking fans to guess the location by pinpointing their answers on a map.

Users who answer correctly will be eligible for a weekly prize; those who get a perfect score will have a chance to winning the grand prize at the end of the four-week campaign.

The game will cease after a wrong answer unless the user invites another friend to join.

“It’s another way to show off Nikon’s photos, to present its perspective of the beautiful Hong Kong to our fans,” said Jansen Lu, associate director at AGENDA Hong Kong, the digital agency in charge of the campaign.

For the youth in Hong Kong, the popularity of brands have shifted from European to American, brands that typically stand for freedom, independence and personal style.

A new Ipsos study shows that of 1,000 consumers, 22% aged 15 to 34 preferred American casual wear for its stylishness, wholesomeness, comfort (89%), and fit (48%); while only 10% of consumers aged 35 and above shared the same feeling.

American brands most popular segments are educated, working class girls and women who earn or use their parents’ money.

On average, Hong Kong youth are willing to pay 14% more for American brands compared to local labels like Bossini or Giordano; given their wages, however, shoppers either say they’re funded by parents or part-time work or purchase only with discounts, during seasonal sales or after borrowing a friend’s VIP membership card.

Given the young target audience, it’d behoove American labels to have online platforms in order to build a closer relationship with consumers by either partaking in active conversations on blogs, online forums or discussion groups, or sending them push notifications.

Ikea Hong Kong has appointed Edelman as its public relations agency to oversee a variety of brand marketing initiatives and consumer PR.

William Lyon, general manager at Ikea described the agency as one that is passionate and professional.

“In Edelman, we have found a partner with passionate and committed professionals with whom we believe we can take the IKEA brand to even greater heights.”


Edelman takes over the retainer business from Strategic Public Relations and according to the Swedish icon has already started work on the business.

Andrew Kirk (pictured), managing director of Edelman Hong Kong and Taiwan, said Ikea joins a growing client portfolio, which more recently has included additional work for the Dairy Farm group.

“We are looking forward to an exciting journey as we deliver truly innovative campaigns in the months to come,” he said via a statement.

According to the latest Mobile Habits of The Retail Shopper report by Forrester, the mobile phone population in China is the largest in the world, with almost 20% of the entire world’s mobile users, with 1.1 billion subscribers.

But given that half of China’s population lives in rural areas, it’s not surprising these users rely on their phones – often feature phones – to access the Internet for shopping because proximity to stores is challenging.

In the smartphone realm young males are the biggest audience, and Android is their preferred system. The influx of domestic smartphone manufacturers all using the Android operating system has made Android-powered phones the inexpensive item of choice in the mainland.

Aside from voice and chat apps like WeChat, mainland Chinese are using their phones to look at product and store information – such as location and hours; consumer reviews and deals.

Though China is still at a stage where mobile engagement is still seen and used as a marketing tool for the brick and mortar stores, m-commerce is on the way up: according to Alipay – one of the top online payment systems in the country – mobile payments take up 10% of their business in 2012; the company is projecting a double in 2013.

Forrester’s survey was conducted during the third quarter of 2012 across Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan and South Korea and during the fourth quarter of 2011 in China. Participants were consumers aged 18 and above.

Today is International Women’s Day: while city-goers give an extra kiss to our mothers and girlfriends today, the ladies in Hong Kong have another thing to cheer on: Hong Kong ranked the fifth in gender equality in the workforce with more women than man holding regular jobs, according to MasterCard’s latest Index of Women’s Advancement study.

The index looks at employment – workforce participation and regular employment; education – secondary and tertiary; and leadership – business owners, leaders or political leaders. Each indicator measures a ratio of women to every 100 men.

Though Hong Kong slumps behind Vietnam in the seventh place in terms of overall score, dragged down by indicators like workforce participation, which saw a score of 75.3; and women who are business owners and politic leaders, which measured 24.9 and 44.3 respectively.

Impressively, however, the city tops the charts in the region with 109 women to every 100 men who have a permanent, regular job.

As well, Hong Kong is one of the cities where the women’s education level in secondary and tertiary levels exceed that of men: meaning that for every 100 men who’s receive schooling, 101.2 (secondary) and 108.5 (tertiary) women have had the same.

Who’s a smart cookie now?

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone.

Custom research company TNS has moved Joe Webb from his position as head of digital for TNS UK to head of digital Greater China.

In his new role, Webb will develop the firm’s digital solutions and ensure they complement its long-established marketing research expertise.

“The Greater China market has seen tremendous growth in digital opportunities and with Joe’s proven record and vast experience in digital, we will be better placed to help our clients capitalise on those opportunities than ever before,” said Chris Bonsi, CEO Greater China for TNS.

“TNS has unrivalled marketing research expertise, and combining that with a robust and solid approach to digital gives us a unique position in the market,” Webb said.

Having joined the company in 2009 with more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience, Rico Chan headed the advertising business team with Yahoo for the past three years.

In the role, he oversaw direct sales, channel sales and online business development, driving the integration of display and search marketing sales team.

Chan took over the role of vice president and general manager as of last month, will now take charge of the daily operations of Yahoo Hong Kong.

Last November Tsoi announced he would step down from Yahoo Hong Kong's top role after. He has since emerged as CEO of JDB Holdings, a digital media network and owner of sites including, and CozyCot, an online community focused on the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries.

Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN) named Hotmob to take care of the mobile advertising strategy for its newly acquired Wi-Fi service network, Y5ZONE, which covers 100 major locations in the city.

The mobile agency is tasked to manage the ad space on the mobile Wi-Fi login page across Y5ZONE’s café channels, which covers more than 100 Starbucks and 220 McDonald’s and McCafes in Hong Kong.

The target reach is directed to business executives, working professionals, teenagers and families.

”More and more merchants have realised the values of Wi-Fi and the new opportunities it brings to their businesses,” said HKBN’s managing director of Wi-Fi business Billy Yeung, who added that Wi-Fi has evolved into a basic expectation.

Hotmob CEO Johnny Wong, agreed, noting that the demand on mobile internet access in indoor locations is experiencing rapid growth.

“Wi-Fi service has become one of the influential factors to customers for the consideration of shopping malls or restaurants they are going to visit,” Wong said.

HKBN acquired the new Wi-Fi network in mid-January.

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