In 2021, when a number of boutique agencies struggled to stay afloat during the second year of the pandemic, Above The Line dazzled the city with landmark news that made the year exciting.

When the Hong Kong government rolled out the consumption voucher scheme, Above The Line collaborated with Alipay HK in many PR pushes from online and offline touchpoints to video and social platforms. Moreover, during the 2020 Summer Olympics, the agency was named the PR Agency for Special Olympics Hong Kong, which trains mentally challenged athletes and promotes sport to the public. Finally, Above The Line played a preeminent role in the monumental launch of the latest streaming service of Disney+ in Hong Kong with many initiatives, consisting of event management, traditional and digital PR and more.

So it’s no surprise that Above The Line won the bronze award for the PR Team of The Year category at MARKETING-INTERACTIVE's PR awards 2021 in Hong Kong. For its esteemed clients, the agency also took home bronze awards in Best PR Campaign – Lifestyle and Entertainment; Best PR Campaign – Public Awareness; and Best Engagement – Targeted Community categories; silver awards in the categories of Best Experiential Campaign, Best PR Campaign – Lifestyle and Entertainment, and Best Use of Virtual Platforms; as well as gold awards for Best PR Campaign – Digital Communication and Best Use of Virtual Platforms categories.

A boutique PR & marketing agency with 14 employees, Above The Line specialises in consumer brands, shopping malls, art and culture, technology and trade, CSR, fashion and lifestyle communications, to name a few.

“We work on many headline events in Hong Kong. When there are major events, people likely see us involved,” said co-founder Vivien Wong.

Co-founder Candy Tong agreed, “Alipay HK, Special Olympics and the launch of Disney+ had a heavy impact on both Hong Kong and its people in 2021. It is a great honour to work on these projects.

During the launch of the consumption voucher scheme campaign, Alipay HK was aimed at launching a truly holistic campaign consisting of lifestyle- and family-oriented elements, entertainment, and the exceptional Voucher Land experiential Zone at Olympian City. Apart from offline pushes, Above The Line also worked on the public relations work of the campaign’s unique music video featuring Feng Shui master and prominent TV personality Master Connie. This not only caught the eye of city-wide media and the public but became the talk of the town for months after the debut.

above the line special olympcis

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong Special Olympics campaign leveraged the popularity of the 2020 Summer Olympics. Above The Line was responsible for reigniting the passion for sports after the Olympic Games and educating the audience about the hardwork and sportsmanship of the Special Olympics team in a kick-off brand campaign.

Also in sports, the firm has collaborated with the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China in a series of promotional videos and large-scale events to further advocate sports and shine a spotlight on the dedicated stars who have spent countless hours in perfecting their finesse.

Finally, The Walt Disney Company Hong Kong’s debut of its streaming service Disney+ was a milestone event for Above The Line, who organised a myriad of pushes for its six brands such as Star Wars, National Geographic, Star, Pixar, Disney and Marvel, but also a marvellous opening ceremony featuring Kay Tse and Ronald Cheng at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Tong added, “I am really impressed with our small but mighty team."

disney key visual from above the line

Moving forward, Wong said the firm will continue to optimise their strengths in emotional storytelling. “We aim to touch people with tales and angles that truly matter to them. We will continue to amaze journalists and the public from all walks of life by working on Hong Kong’s most-anticipated events. We’re grateful to be an important part of all the happy, exciting moments that have dazzled our city this year!”

This article is sponsored by Above The Line.

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