Anabuki Group, a company engaged in property and several other industries headquartered in Japan, is expanding its business to Indonesia, by launching Anabuki esb电竞数据投注电脑版 Indonesia, reported Investor.ID .

According to JPNN , t he company was founded on 25 May 1964 - it is known as the issuer  Anabuki Kosan, which develops a number of real estates, condominiums, energy, facility management, supermarkets, hotels and owns a hospital and runs a taxi business in Japan. With  Anabuki esb电竞数据投注电脑版 Indonesia, it will focus on becoming marketing consultants in this space and supporting clients in other fields.  

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out to Anabuki esb电竞数据投注电脑版 Indonesia for additional information and has not yet received a response.

In an Instagram post by Anabuki esb电竞数据投注电脑版 Indonesia, Masaki Kagawa, executive officer of the overseas business department at Anabuki esb电竞数据投注电脑版 Indonesia said that, he hopes that the target  sales of 50% will be obtained through the overseas department and asks for the cooperation of local partners in Indonesia.

In addition, Meryana Michelle, Anabuki esb电竞数据投注电脑版 Indonesia director added, "Anabuki esb电竞数据投注电脑版 Indonesia is here as a forum to bridge Japanese investors who want to open property land, help develop and build their projects in Indonesia. With the Anabuki Group's motto, The Creation of An Exciting Future, of course, we hope that we can synergise with local partners to build better Indonesian properties. Go forward Indonesia property."

Commenting on Anabuki Kosan Inc.'s expansion and 100 th anniversary, Tetsuya Tomioka, senior managing director at Anabuki Group said, "In order to welcome the 100th anniversary of Anabuki Kosan, we are targeting sales of one trillion yen and 50% of it will come from overseas."

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