With an increasing focus on eCommerce due to the pandemic, many businesses have jumped on the bandwagon to pivot online in order to drive sales. While P&G already had online sales platforms, the company wanted to increase engagement with customers not just to drive up revenue but also to create meaningful connections especially during such uncertain times. As such, three campaigns - #GoForGold, #RealDeal and #ChallengeTheChores - were crafted with customer centricity in mind.

The campaigns were well received and took home the gold award for eCommerce Leader of the Year. P&G was also a finalist for Best eCommerce campaign - B2C at MARKETING-INTERACTIVE ’s Asia eCommerce Awards 2021.


P&G faced the major challenge of crafting campaigns that could truly capture the hearts and minds of its audience. To do so, the brand decided to touch on issues that resonated with its customers. Firstly, the pandemic had resulted in many eCommerce customers putting their dreams on hold in 2020. This was no different for Olympic athletes with the postponement of the Olympic games. P&G needed a campaign that could encourage people to keep their spirits up and continue chasing their dreams even in tough times.

As a company deeply committed to equality and inclusion, P&G also wanted to raise awareness about the struggles that women faced. This was especially important during the pandemic where women not only had to adapt to the new normal of remote working, but also adapt to challenges of caring for their family’s well-being against the virus.


To address these challenges, P&G decided to launch three campaigns: 

1. #GoForGold 

The #GoForGold campaign aimed to inspire consumers through stories of athletes who are stepping up and showing the world what it meant to #LeadWithLove as well as drive eCommerce sales by encouraging meaningful conversations with consumers and addressing their needs for efficient products. 

2. #RealDeal

Based on the unique insight that young, Southeast Asian women disproportionately suffered from imposter syndrome-the feeling of inadequacy despite one’s own capabilities. The #RealDeal campaign aimed to raise awareness about imposter syndrome and encourage women to support each other. 

3. #ChallengeTheChores

Even before the pandemic, women were often expected to take on the role of the primary caregiver even with full-time jobs. A recent survey conducted by Deloitte across Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines markets revealed that 82% of the women surveyed said that their lives have been negatively disrupted by the pandemic and 70% of them were concerned about their ability to progress in their careers. Hence, on International Women’s Day, P&G wanted to launch the #ChallengeTheChores campaign to foster a sense of joint responsibility within the household and challenge gender stereotypes by encouraging all family members to tackle household chores together. 


1. #GoForGold 

The campaign was designed to involve both offsite and onsite channels articulated along the following cornerstones: 

  • Inspiration film

Inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic athletes who are not only achieving athletic greatness but are also stepping up to take action for good and make a positive difference in their communities, the campaign featured a short film which united P&G’s longstanding Citizenship efforts of Community Impact, Equality & Inclusion, and Environmental Sustainability. The “Your Goodness is Your Greatness” film celebrates athletes who show their best on and off the field of play. Narrated from the perspective of proud parents, the film featured real-life Olympic and Paralympic athletes who led with love and showed the world that the true measure of greatness is goodness. The film appeared in full form digitally on Facebook and YouTube.

  • Awareness and consideration build-up

The team create awareness of the campaign and drove its Longstanding Citizenship messages through the use of PR releases and social media marketing. 

  • eCommerce Super Brand Day 

The Super Brand Day event was planned on Lazada across six Southeast Asian markets including Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore on 23 and 28 July 2022. This shopping extravaganza on LazMall featured a wide range of exclusive offers on P&G products such as Pampers, Olay, Pantene and Oral-B. The partnership with Lazada and the one-day Lazada site takeover allowed the team to gain maximum visibility and allow multiple entry points into its online store on Lazada. 

2. #RealDeal 

In partnership with Lazada, this campaign was launched regionally to raise awareness about imposter syndrome. This was done by creating an original film featuring a real-life story of Singaporean entrepreneur, Yeo Wan Qing, founder of social enterprise Hatch, to encourage women to support each other. As part of this campaign, the team also offered a wide variety of exclusive offers on P&G products to celebrate its female shoppers, synonymous with getting #realdeals. 

3. #ChallengeTheChores 

This campaign aimed to drive gender equality and inclusion by raising awareness of the imbalanced distribution of chores as well as to drive eCommerce sales by encouraging meaningful conversation with consumers and addressing their needs for efficient products. Carried out across six markets – Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines from 17 to 19 March 2021, P&G partnered with Shopee to target Shopee consumers who needed efficient products to manage their households well.

Teaser ads were created prior to the campaign to create awareness before the release of entertaining short films and interactive games. The short films were disseminated across offsite platforms on social media, boosted as Facebook advertisements and released on KOLs social media channels to create buzz and awareness of the campaign. 

The collaboration with Shopee was also leveraged by using Shopee livestreams and Spin and Win games to maximise onsite visibility and direct consumers down the buyer funnel towards purchase. 


The campaigns were well received and successful in achieving the campaign goals. The #GoForGold campaign drove an uplift of 45x sales versus a regular day and gained an increase of 141% in page views and visitors. Across Southeast Asia, #GoForGold garnered a total of 365 pieces of PR coverage and attracted a 71% increase in new buyers. The #ChallengeTheChores campaign garnered 178 PR coverage pieces across the region and drive 1.17x unique visitors to P&G’s online store. 

All in all, the campaigns were able to demonstrate marketing excellence with their ability to not only raise awareness on social issues that plague our society, but also drive tangible business objectives on P&G’s eCommerce platforms. 


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