Clothing brand Giordano has been in the Thai market for more than 20 years. Together with Yell Advertising, Giordano launched the Lazada x Giordano 12. 12 Mega Campaign to shift brand perception among younger audiences. The campaign was a success and won the gold award for Best in eCommerce (Marketplace / eRetailer) – Fashion & Apparel and was a finalist for Best eCommerce Campaign – Content esb电竞数据投注电脑版 at MARKETING-INTERACTIVE ’s Asia eCommerce Awards 2021.


Giordano’s use of high-quality materials, higher price points compared to locally produced clothing and long establishment in the industry led to many younger customers having the perception that the brand was geared towards an older audience. In addition, Giordano products were perceived to be trendy or stylish and this meant that the brand could only attract a relatively limited group of customers. Giordano faced the immense challenge of changing this brand perception in order to better engage its audience and increase sales. 


Targeting teenagers to young working adults, the team decided to work with fashionable KOLs present and promote Giordano as a youthful and trendy brand. The key message that the team wanted to push out was “Everyday with Giordano” and the message was meant to highlight that Giordano’s smart and casual wear was suitable for everyday activities and for everyone. 

Giordano realised that during its previous 11.11 Mega Campaign on Lazada, when the team also used KOLs and Collaborative Ads, it was difficult to control the quality of images taken by the KOLs. Many of them were not equipped with the skills or devices to take quality photographs that could convey the desired mood and feel. When the images were eventually collected to create the collaborative ads, the end result fell short of expectations. 

To create a better campaign this time, the team decided to work with professional photographer, Manee Meejai, well known for producing attractive social media content with unique points of view. Manee Meejai also has a significant number of social media followers that make up Giordano’s target audience.


With Manee Meejai, a series of content under the concept of “Ordinary day with extraordinary style” was created. This included having models showcasing various looks from Giordano while going about their daily routine such as waiting for buses, taking a ride in the sky train or simply just enjoying a walk. The content produced was also adapted single images and short videos that Giordano could use to increase engagement across various platforms.


Despite the brief campaign period of just 11 days and a relatively small budget of THB205,235, the campaign achieved a 169.14% increase in click through rates as compared with its previous 11.11 campaign. There was also a 51.37% decrease in cost per click and the team achieved a return on ads spend of up to 5.52x within the campaign period. Ultimately, Giordano was able to achieve its campaign goal of shifting brand perception among its target audience.


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