Buy now pay later brand Atome Singapore has distanced itself from busker Jeff Ng following recent allegations of abuse by his former girlfriend. Jeff Ng, who made headlines late last month for drawing a large crowd to the outdoor area of The Cathay, was alleged to have subjected his ex-girlfriend Lena Ng to psychological abuse and exhibited controlling behaviour. He was also alleged to have incessantly called her and cheated on her.

The allegations came to light last Friday and Atome swiftly took action, removing all posts of Jeff Ng on Instagram and TikTok. While Atome declined to comment on MARKETING-INTERACTIVE 's queries, the brand previously said in a now-deleted Instagram post that the show by Jeff Ng was "incredible with such a strong turnout".

"With Atome, you know you can always take your first leap in achieving your aspirations," the brand added. The picture of Jeff Ng featured Atome branding on his equipment.

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Another deleted post by Atome showed the local busker picking out his favourite outfits from Zara for his next performance happening outside The Cathay. The picture captioned Jeff Ng as "Singapore's latest sensation". Meanwhile, an Instagram Reel posted on 24 June which is still available on Atome's page showed the brand following Jeff Ng as he picks his next performance outfit at Design Orchard. Jeff Ng has since made his Instagram account private.

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Jeff Ng's former girlfriend, Lena Ng, had detailed her experience in a Facebook post and said he is "the worst person" she has ever met during their three years of living together. She claimed that Jeff Ng made her cut ties with her friends, controlled her movements, called her incessantly until she answered, and refused to reveal their relationship as he was afraid of losing female fans.

Lena Ng also alleged that he had a habit of making his own partners kneel and bow to him for saying or doing something wrong. She added that she had "permanently ruined many relationships" by defending Jeff Ng but eventually realised that he will never change. According to media outlets, Jeff Ng reportedly apologised on Instagram on 1 July, acknowledging that he was "young and reckless" in his 20s, adding that he is working to improve and become a better person. The post is no longer available.

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