Full-service digital brand agency Bonsey Jaden has sold a majority stake to China-based digital technology group CUE Group. The acquisition will further enhance CUE Group's expansion across Asia and the US, and the leadership and management structure of the agency remain unchanged. While Bonsey Jaden declined to reveal the monetary value of the stake, group CEO Daniel Posavac (pictured left) said a number of strategic factors led to the deal. But most importantly, it wanted to secure a long term partner that could enable the continued growth and development of Bonsey Jaden.

This partnership opens up opportunities to help brands reach new levels of success and profitability. Combining the strategic, creative and media expertise of the agency with CUE Group’s wealth of technological know-how enables stronger support and increased innovation for the brands under the agency’s care.

Bonsey Jaden is a full-service digital brand agency headquartered in Singapore, with offices across Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia. It specialises in partnering with clients to develop digital brand experiences and has worked with global names such as Cetaphil, Microsoft, Starbucks, Singapore Tourism Board, and Facebook. Posavac added that it is also working with a number of global technology brands, some local startups as well as a core portfolio of FMCG and eCommerce clients. "We will share more details on these in the coming months," he added.

Meanwhile, CUE Group has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hangzhou, and Wuhan, as well as foreign branches in eight countries including Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Australia. It has more than 2,000 employees worldwide serving over 2,500 customers including GSK, Crocs, H&M, NIVEA, MCM, China Wanda Group, and ZTE.

CEO of CUE Group, Shi Kan (pictured right), said with the global community growing more and more digital by the day, this partnership is all the more timely. "This partnership is exciting. With opportunities appearing all over the world, this relationship will be mutually beneficial, and will grow our portfolios in the digital technology realm together," he added.

Posavac said the ambition and vision of CUE Group are both really exciting and complement the roadmap the team has been developing for Bonsey Jaden’s future. "We look forward to working together with CUE Group to integrate our products and services, while further expanding our ability to add value to more clients and partners across a greater number of markets," he added.  

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