It was reported that a group of Chinese fans of K-pop boy band BTS had recently been banned by Weibo as they raised millions of to celebrate their idol's birthday. This comes as the Chinese government  regulates  the entertainment industry to curb idol worship culture. According to multiple reports including The Standard and Ming Pao , a BTS fan group in China was banned by Weibo for 60 days as they violated regulations imposed by the authority which highlighted the "chaotic" celebrity fan culture by raising over ¥2.3 million for the birthday of Jimin of BTS. 

Ming Pao reported that the group had collaborated with Jeju Air to redecorate the exterior of a plane for three months, showcasing Jimin's face and the sentence "Happy Birthday". The fan group in China started raising funds in April, and obtained ¥2.3 million just an hour after the kick off of the fundraising event. The funds were reportedly used to launch ads on the New York Times and  The Times. 

To go with the regulation imposed by the Chinese government, Weibo has banned the group's Weibo account for 60 days and deleted related post. Also, the group announced on 4 September that to respond to the government's regulation, it renamed the group (朴智旻JIMIN_JMC).

The group added that from the very beginning of the group to now, the group has created many good memories, undergone many incidents and received love and touching moments, with the new name being the new starting point and spending every moment with  members in the future.

The Chinese authority is regulating more aspects of the countries entertainment industry. In a notice issued by the National Radio and Television Administration last week, the authority will crack down on several areas including effeminate male idols and flaunting wealth.

For example, the authority highlighted the "chaotic" celebrity fan culture, prohibiting guiding and encouraging fans to shop and become a member, which is deemed as a means to support their idols by spending money.

Meanwhile, The notice said it requires broadcasters to ban "deformed" tastes such as "sissy idols" who do not conform to macho or masculine male stereotypes prevalent in traditional Chinese culture. It also required a ban on flaunting wealth, vulgar influencers and gossips. In the same section "boycotting being overly entertaining", the notice said there should have been more emphasis on traditional Chinese culture, revolution culture, socialist culture that they will help establish a correct beauty standard.

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