Cadbury has launched a limited-edition flavour Kopi C exclusively for the Malaysian market, with sleeves of selected products featuring hand-drawn illustrations by cartoonist Datuk Lat.

In a statement to A+M , Cadbury's spokesperson said it chose to create the Kopi C flavour because it wanted to highlight something that most Malaysians grew up with.

Kopi C, as such, was a natural choice to represent a familiar flavour enjoyed on a daily basis by the nation. Additionally, the new flavour was developed exclusively for Malaysians as a gesture of appreciation for their unwavering support towards Cadbury Dairy Milk in the last few decade. Cadbury will run print and social media campaigns to promote the new product.

"Datuk Lat’s drawings are an accurate and relatable representation of the Malaysian way of life, making him the perfect collaborator for this campaign," the spokesperson said.

The three drawings created by Datuk Lat for Cadbury Dairy Milk revolve around the life of Lat, the  kampung boy himself, in different scenarios throughout his life. This is synonymous to Cadbury Dairy Milk being present in most Malaysians' lives growing up. Each scenario is also centred around the sharing of food to truly celebrate the diverse flavours of Malaysia.

Among the list of offerings featuring Datuk Lat's illustrations include limited-edition packaging sleeves for three Cadbury Dairy Milk bars, in-store gift-with-purchase premiums in the form of enamel mugs, and a special gift box available only on Shopee.

Mad Hat PR was responsible for all aspects of the campaign, from conceptualising the collaboration with Datuk Lat to the entire execution. The agency also works with Cadbury on all its PR campaigns.

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