Caltex Singapore has launched an Instagram filter game, following the news that Singaporean learner motorists will now have to undergo compulsory simulator training. Jumping on this opportunity, the Instagram filter game was conceptualised by Wavemaker Singapore and includes educational and rewarding elements within the game.

This driving game filter can be accessed on Caltex Singapore's Instagram page, and encourages users to collect as much points as possible on the road by collecting “fuels” and other Techron elements, while avoiding “grimes” on the road. Each element and its superpowers represent the three key properties of Techron fuel - power, reliability and fuel efficiency. In addition, players are also encouraged to screenshot their final score and submit to Caltex Singapore IG page to be in the running and be placed at the top of the weekly leaderboard. According to Caltex, top players will receive free Techron fuel vouchers.

Local content creator Jianhao Tan, Night owl Cinematics team and SGAG team will be engaged as first wave of players to challenge one another and the public to beat their high scores. All three will also be promoting the game on their respective social pages. In a statement to esb电竞数据投注电脑版 , a Wavemaker spokesperson said the key opinion leaders were picked for their "energetic" personality that matches the "fun and exciting" nature of the digital game. Targeting the younger demographics, the Caltex spokesperson said KOLs such as Jianhao Tan, Night owl Cinematics and SGAG have strong affinity with the gaming segment as well as the younger audience on Instagram.

According to Caltex Singapore's brand specialist Abraham Lee, the company's commitment to helping Singaporeans enjoy the journey starts from even before they hit the road. He added that helping drivers-to-be prepare for the new driving simulator syllables in a fun way is a "perfect" example of how Caltex never stops innovating and connecting deeper with its customers. "We all remember that thrill we felt on the first time behind the wheel after passing our driving test and we wanted to give our young learner motorists a taste of that through our IG game," he said.

Meanwhile, Zachary Lim, managing director, Wavemaker Singapore said it is rare to find a bold and savvy client such as Caltex who never stops challenging the agency in innovating its content. "What a fantastic way to start a new decade together as we go from strength to strength, maintaining leadership in the content space for Caltex. Now we can add one more to the list of accolades with Caltex: video series, viral social content and IG game filter!" he added.

Also, in line with Chinese New Year, Caltex unveiled a parody video of fortune tellers featuring Mediacorp artist Marcus Chin. According to Caltex, believers are often curious about the new beginnings will bring, and most turn to zodiac predictions for a sense of how the important aspects of their lives will pan out, and what to avoid. To promote its fortune cookies campaign that drops for the third year this Chinese New Year, Caltex cast Chin as a fortune teller. In the Year of the Rat, three zodiac signs with the weakest luck are predicted to be horse, pig and monkey, which sees Chin dishing out advice on how Caltex’s fortune cookies can elevate these potential pains and earn 24K Gold Coin and fuel vouchers.

Watch the spot here:

A Wavemaker spokesperson told esb电竞数据投注电脑版 that the team aimed to tap on this content angle as fortune telling is very popular among Singaporeans during Chinese New Year, and looked to hijack the interest in fortune reading with Caltex's fortune cookies.

The video is amplified across social media and digital platforms. It will also be broadcast on radio through open talk spots by Chin himself during his morning drive time belt. Wavemaker Singapore's Lim said the collaboration with Chin allows Caltex to reach not just his daily listeners who are primarily drivers on the road, but unlock his comedic personal to reach younger drivers on digital space with this quirky video as well.

Most recently, Caltex (literally) rolled a giant inflatable pineapple from the East to the West of Singapore to mark the opening of its newest petrol station at Jurong West. Conceptualised by global brand experience agency VMLY&R, the campaign was aimed at the local tradition of blessing a new hole by rolling a pineapple into the house to new heights. The Caltex team took it up a notch and ordered a 2.5m-high inflatable pineapple instead.

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