Celcom Axiata's Hari Raya film titled “Syukur 1 Syawal” aims to  remind Malaysians of what Hari Raya truly stands for – that of gratitude and appreciation for the real blessings in their lives. Set in Johor, the film tells the story of 11-year-old Danish who is anxious to balik kampung , and celebrate Hari Raya with his relatives.

Conversely, he plans to collect enough duit raya (Raya money) to buy a drone, hinting at a misalignment in priorities and motivation. However, a heart-wrenching turn of events leads Danish to appreciate his family and Aidilftri more closely, which the film highlights as being a more valuable gain during the Raya season.

The film was done in collaboration with M&C Saatchi Malaysia and explored themes of  sharing the simple message of how true joy comes not from material things, but from the sincere connections we form with the people in our lives.

Celcom said it aims to be a catalyst for Malaysians to continue building meaningful connections with others. Additionally, in this new era of connectivity, Celcom looks to position itself as Malaysia’s number one network of choice, which the film subtly portrays. The film also highlights Hari Raya traditions in a nostalgic way, such as house visiting, celebrating with one's friends back home and wearing traditional baju, with the hope that Malaysians will once again create cherished moments with their loved ones, no matter the location.

Similarly, Celcom and M&C Saatchi partnered in 2020 to work on another creative campaign, this time hoping to market its 5G products in a campaign titled “Celcom 5G Future." The collaboration brought the telco brand the title of  A+M 's Most Creative , at the MARKies Awards 2021 Malaysia.

For this campaign, Celcom looked to cut through the cluttered digital advertising area, and figure out a gap in the 5G space that it could tap into. The campaign was a hit among consumers, especially since the team targeted four different audiences: Korean drama lovers, foodies, fitness junkies, and gamers. Celcom and M&C Saatchi launched four videos, in line with its four audiences, in a series from late January through to early March 2020. It aimed to increase both brand love and message relevance among its target audience, and ended up garnering a a total of 70 million impressions, and 16 million total video views across all channels. 

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