Changi Airport Group (CAG) has launched "‘Where Dreams Take Flight: Singaporean Short Stories", a collection of three short films done in collaboration with local filmmakers and talents. The series of films aims to capture untold stories of human connections at Changi Airport amidst safe distancing, self-isolation and physical barriers, exploring themes such as family relationships, social interactions, and personal aspirations. 

Through the shared experience of travelling through Changi Airport, the films hope to inspire both Singaporeans and international travellers to travel, reigniting the desire to fly again. The first of the three films,  Auntie Oh Lives In Your Memories , will debut at the Singapore International Film Festival on 4 December 2021, and will be released on Changi Airport's website and Facebook page from 6 December. MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out to CAG for comment. 

The story follows Auntie Oh, who works in Changi Airport's baggage claim division. One day, as she is feeling lost over the curtail of flights during the pandemic, she stumbles over some abandoned luggage and discovers the stories and lives of the passengers hidden within.

Meanwhile, the other two films,  Last Call and  VuJa De , will be released in 2022. 

The films were produced by up-and-coming local filmmakers Eysham Ali, Kathleen Bu, Li Kayue and Zon Chan. According to a statement by CAG, they were invited to participate in the films based on their experience in filmmaking, style of execution and ability to create stories that resonate. They were mentored by local filmmakers Li Lin Wee and Huang Junxiang, who have worked on previous projects with CAG such as the  SG50 I'm Home video. Showcasing the individuality and creativity of three budding local filmmakers, each film presents a unique look at the interactions that take place in a familiar setting to many Singaporeans and travellers. 

Kelvin Ng, VP of CAG's corporate and marketing communications, said that through this film collaboration project, it saw the opportunity to reconnect with its audience in a time when travel is curtailed and at the same time, raise the profile of the local filmmaking industry. 

"Changi Airport remains focused on its vision of connecting lives and strives to deliver the best Changi experience for every passenger - be it parting from or reuniting with loved ones, taking off and landing at Changi is a collective memory and shared experience," he added.

CAG had previously launched a film that celebrated the everyday individuals  who work behind the scenes of the many tourism attractions  across Singapore. Titled "While You Were Home", the film honours the resilience and perseverance of the many workers in the tourism community who take care of the attractions, and are ready for the day when they can welcome visitors again.

Separately, CAG  launched a year-end campaign  last December titled "A New Year, Renewed Resolutions" to rally Singaporeans and travellers and spread positivity. This initiative aimed to bring hope of better days ahead and spread the uplifting sentiment of being able to experience the joy of travel again. Following a challenging year, the Group wanted to encourage consumers to look ahead and embrace 2021 with hope and fervour. 

It also launched a food delivery service named Changi Eat s last August to offer consumers with its food offerings including Burger and Lobster, Paradise Dynasty, and Lady M. The service also includes close to 30 other F&B outlets across Changi Airport and Jewel. James Fong, VP of landside concessions at Changi Airport Group, said Changi Eats was launched in the middle of the pandemic and transformed its F&B business model. It also gave the company an opportunity to do more to support local SMEs, he said.

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