Malaysian cinema chain Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) has poked fun at Malaysia's film censorship board with social media posts following the announcement of the Multiverse Saga, phase five of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, at the San Diego Comic-Con.  GSC posted the timeline released by Marvel on its social media accounts, and captioned it "Welcome to the Multiverse Saga. Malaysia can watch or not? Dunno".

It also edited the release date of Thor:Love and Thunder to "TBA", alluding to the delay of the film in Malaysia due to unknown reasons, which left Marvel' s fans speculating the reason a few weeks ago. The post by GSC garnered mixed responses from Marvel's fans, but most of the comments seem entertained by the caption, as seen by A+M . However, most fans are still disappointed by Thor's delay, and expressed that if the rest of the movies get delayed as well, they would rather use other channels such as online platforms to watch the movies. 

At the time of writing, its post on Facebook garnered 665 likes and over 1,500 shares, while its post on Twitter garnered 7,656 retweets and over 13,400 likes. Meanwhile, its post on Instagram garnered over 17,496 likes. GSC refused to comment. A few weeks ago, citing the cancellation of Pixar's  Lightyear  last month followed by  Thor: Love And Thunder,  Golden Screen Cinemas' CEO Koh Mei Lee said that when major releases are postponed or cancelled without notice, this poses "a huge setback for the cinema industry".

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During the San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios' president, Kevin Feige (pictured below), revealed Marvel's up and coming films until 2025, available for viewing in both cinemas and on online streaming platform Disney+. Feige revealed that phase five kicks off in 2023 in theaters with  Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, followed by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 with a new logo Meanwhile, on Disney+, She Hulk: Attorney at Dawn will kick off this August.

Meanwhile, other cinemas have also retaliated to the delay of Thor: Love and Thunder  . A few weeks ago,  TGV Cinemas announced the delay of the film through a written note on its social media pages. Through the written note, TGV Cinemas' social media persona, Min Min, expressed its disappointment and apologised to Thor fans over the delay with drawn-out heart and lightning signs. 

Separately, GSC acquired the majority of cinema assets from MBO's chain of cinemas, which went through a creditors’ voluntary winding-up. The acquisition came amid a challenging environment for the cinema industry, which was hit hard by the movement control order (MCO) imposed amid the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021.

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