Circles.Life has named Gaurav Gupta head of omnichannel and martech platforms. He was last senior regional manager of omnichannel marketing for a period of one year.

According to his LinkedIn, Gupta started this new role in January 2020. Gupta joined Circles.Life in November 2015, and has held marketing roles such as senior media manager (omnichannel) and digital marketing manager. In his four years with Circles.Life, Gupta established the digital marketing practice for Circles.Life and is primarily responsible for a full-stack omni-channel strategy, planning and implementation to drive customer acquisition and improve the customer experience.

Prior to his time in Circles.Life, Gupta was with Havas Media as digital associate director. According to his LinkedIn, he also previously held the associate director role in Havas Digital, and was the director and co-founder of a holding company Unicorn Alliance.

This shift in Circles.Life's marketing team comes as its senior regional manager for brands and campaign, Megan Yulga, takes on her new role of head of creative shop at the telco. In her new role, she will be in charge of building Circles.Life’s in-house creative agency called the Creative Shop, whose main focus is to grow awareness of Circles.Life not only in the markets it currently has a presence in, but also those that it plans to launch in over the course of the year.

Circles.Life has also recently  appointed The Secret Little Agency (TSLA) as its lead regional creative agency. The appointment comes shortly after a creative review that saw 50 agencies expressing interest, and led to a shortlist of 27 agencies. The two companies announced the relationship through a (fake) Facebook relationship status update.

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