SOHO Square Philippines, in partnership with Red Fuse—WPP’s integrated global team dedicated to serving Colgate-Palmolive—has launched a new brand campaign for Colgate Philippines titled #SmileStrong.

Ari Mandelbaum, marketing director of Colgate- Palmolive Philippines said: “The common Filipino’s ‘resilience’ has constantly been held up as a shining character trait even in the face of natural disasters, violent conflict, poverty, and a number of deep-seated societal issues. However, a growing number of people are seeing ‘The Filipino Resilience’ as a glorified coping mechanism, seemingly resigned to just powering through adversities with a mindset to live just to survive each day. At Colgate, we believe that it takes more than optimism to power through the challenges of today, thus launching #SmileStrong where we encourage Filipinos to believe and uphold the power of Optimism in Action .”  

#SmileStrong spotlights three exceptional individuals, or Muses, whose Optimism in Action sparked positive change among their respective communities and social spheres: Arizza Nocum—a peace advocate, leader, and entrepreneur who co-founded KRIS, a non-profit organization promoting peace through education; Brina Maxino—born with down syndrome but now an assistant teacher, motivational speaker, and a Special Olympics global youth ambassador; and Candy Pangilinan—an actress and a single mom to 16-year old Quentin, who has ADHD and who became her inspiration to write a book, “Mommy Dear: Our Special Love.”

“Our muses live the spirit of Optimism in Action every day, each with their own unique stories and struggles, but manage to rise above their challenges to serve as inspiration to society in their own ways” added Mandelbaum.

This campaign seeks to demonstrate the inspirational power of these remarkable individuals through a series of short videos along with integrated communications across digital and public relations. Colgate will also be launching activations in partnership with muses Arizza, Candy and Brina until 2021.

Caloy Sambrano, managing partner at SOHO Square Philippines, said: “As an agency, we have developed and implemented various equity campaigns in the past, but we must say that this Colgate #SmileStrong campaign is one, if not the most, important campaign that we have ever done. We wanted each and every Filipino to feel inspired and relate to the stories of our muses especially when they see the contents that we put out. We are grateful to have translated the vision of Colgate as a brand, and a company that believes in the potential of Filipinos and encourages optimism in action.”

This equity campaign from Colgate Philippines is a local implementation of Colgate’s global advocacy. It hopes to make the same big impact that other #SmileStrong campaign in other key markets has generated—an increase of brand love and loyalty among consumers to an already number one oral care brand in the world and in the Philippines.

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