In June 2020, Wunderman Thompson Singapore decided to bring on board Mateusz Mroszczak (pictured right) as chief creative officer due to his extensive experience working on a multitude of global brands such as Land Rover, VISA, Colgate, AIA, Pepsi and more. The creative chief, took on the role after holding the title of ECD at BBDO Singapore . Prior to that, he had years of creative experience climbing up the ranks at leading global ad agencies across Brussels, New York and Ho Chi Minh City.

Working closely with Wunderman Thompson Singapore’s leader Nimesh Desai, Mroszczak said he was excited to join the Wunderman Thompson given its drive to “future proofing itself by investing into amazing specialist talents”.

More here on his views of adland 

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE: Tell us a little bit about your role.

I’m the CCO of Wunderman Thompson Singapore, my role is to inspire and protect great ideas. I have the best job in the world! Honestly! I still wake up most mornings thinking it’s amazing someone is paying me to do what I do. I get to spend my days talking to amazing creative people. Work with talented directors, photographers, content creators. Am surrounded with super smart planners, marketeers, technologists. And have some of the best clients in the region. Life is good.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE:  How did you stumble into this industry?

My dad is an advertising veteran, his father was a famous graphic designer, I was kind of born into it.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE:  What was your first impression of the advertising industry?

Saturdays watching VHS tapes of Lürzer's Archive with my father. Loved it.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE:  Creatively, what do you feel has been the biggest shift?

There have been many, the biggest I guess is when we started making case studies, advertising our own advertising, that definitely changed the game.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE:  What’s the most frustrating thing about being a creative?

Being expected to be “always on” - It doesn’t always work that way.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE:  Proudest moment in your career? 

My kids screaming dad made this!

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE:  What is one career mistake you won’t forget?

I’ve got a few big ones under my belt...But presenting to a client with the logo of their main competitor in the layouts is probably up there. in my defense, both logos WERE the exact same blue.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE:  Mentor you look up to most?

My dad


MARKETING-INTERACTIVE:  What is your favourite piece of advertising

I have so many, Droga’s “Tap water project” is definitely up there. But more recently AKQA’s loooop for H&M or FCB’s Go Back to Africa have given me major “fuck, I wish I would have done that” moments.  

go back to africa

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE:  What do you dislike most in an ad?

When it feels like an ad.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE:  What is your dream brand to work with?

The next one we will pitch. Whatever that will be.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE:  How do you get inspired when you aren’t?

I play the same song on repeat, till I get in the zone.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE:  What is your ritual/superstition before a big pitch?

Telling my team to smile and have a lot of energy! They hate me for it, I think I still do it every time, while I’m sure they know by now.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE:  What makes the difference between an average ads and mind-blowing creativity?

Where do I start.. they are not even in the same league. It’s like the champions league and your local school team.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE:  What does your mom/family think you do?

They think I earn lots of money. LOL

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE:  If you weren’t a creative what would you be?


MARKETING-INTERACTIVE:  What is your guilty pleasure that you’ve kept hidden from the industry?

I have a yearly ritual while waiting for the Cannes Lions shortlists to appear on the website. Nothing special, phone on airplane mode, music, coffee (usually too early for a drink) and being by myself. Its odd how you find peace in those stressful moments. I find it very satisfying.


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