In the digital-first era, nearly all of our daily banking tasks can be easily managed with a smartphone. It is unavoidable that younger generations are gradually turning away from traditional banking services in our branches. Digital transformation is not a choice but a necessity for banks to stay relevant in the fast-changing landscape. Dah Sing Bank is one of the groundbreakers in the market making putting efforts on reshaping every facet of the business, by which to provide a more connected brand experience to meet and match customers’ ever-growing expectations.

A reward-based campaign is a commonly used way for banks to drive customer acquisition and retention. However, solely relying on attractive incentives is not enough to sustain momentum for business growth. Aside from rewards and offers, Dah Sing Bank aims to increase customer engagement by infusing more gaming elements into the ordinary reward programme.   ufocatcher2

For instance, in the recently launched "Catch It If You Can" campaign for the Dah Sing credit card, the bank takes the traditional claw crane, a long-beloved arcade game, into a new level by implementing advanced web-socket and live-streaming technologies. Cardholders who spend a designated amount will be given eTokens, with which they can enter the game with their smartphone anytime and anywhere for a chance to win the latest smartphone or a variety of exciting prizes linked to their lifestyle interest.

The campaign was well-received by consumers, helping to boost both card usage and new customer acquisition for the bank. In fact, based on the strong market reception, the bank will be integrating the game into part of its credit card rewards programme for an extended period of three months.


Shake and Win is another example of how Dah Sing Bank smartly integrates gaming elements into its product promotion. A green “money tree”, which echoes the colour of the iconic tax envelope, is used as the key concept in this campaign to herald the coming of the tax season. Customers who completed a simple registration on the campaign site will receive a unique link through SMS as an entry to the game, at which they need to shake their mobile phone and a prize will automatically fall down from the money tree. To redeem the prize they get, customers are required to apply for and draw down Dah Sing Bank’s tax loan at the end. These fun yet straightforward mechanics has effectively motivated interested customers to take action.

Community responsibility is another key factor that all brands need to take into consideration nowadays. A well-run cause-related marketing campaign can be a useful means to build brand love and loyalty.


"Seeds of Future" was a first-of-its-kind treasure hunting game rolled out by Dah Sing Bank this summer in celebration of the opening of the new headquarters in Wan Chai. Aiming to contribute to the community by revitalising and boosting retail activities in the area, the bank joined hand with Lee Tung Avenue to showcase a series of floral art installations in the public area, at which passers-by could use their smartphones to enjoy an immersive AR gaming experience, combining summer fun with eco-friendly awareness. After completing the game, they would be led to the new branch to join an instant lucky draw, and a donation would be also given to a designated charity to alleviate global warming.

The driving force behind these innovative campaigns is Cymballe, a digital marketing agency consisting of a team of passionate creative, marketing and IT infrastructure specialists, who strive to create exceptional brand experiences with the most exciting innovative technologies, and help brands stay ahead in digital transformation.

This article is sponsored by Cymballe. 

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