In the past two years, social distancing measures have forced people to stay home and take away simple routines everyone took for granted. The younger generations felt this void even more intensely because their lives pre-COVID were made up of experiences of different kinds. Entertainment, events, socialising, and eating out were more than just part of their lifestyle, they were important elements that made up their identities.

Despite the circumstances from drastic cutbacks on consumer spending to the lull in the credit card market, the new normal has brought us an entirely new way of life. DBS decided to make a bold move to launch a new lifestyle credit card “Live Fresh” to remind people that their lives didn’t have to be all gloom and doom even in the face of the situation. DBS felt it was the perfect opportunity to truly empower consumers with the flexibility and control to live on their own terms and “live fresh”, with its unique credit card features. The campaign attained remarkable results at every level and helped DBS snap up one silver award for the Excellence in Exclusive Event category and one bronze award for the Excellence in Experiential esb电竞数据投注电脑版 category at MARKETING INTERACTIVE's esb电竞数据投注电脑版 Excellence Awards 2021.

The credit card category in Hong Kong is one that seems like a rewards war. While other credit cards put their emphasis on rewards and points, DBS took a fresh approach to truly engaging Gen Zs who are known to give all in at work, and go all out outside of work. They are novelty seekers who want to experience the world in a way that’s distinctively fresh and distinctively theirs. DBS believed that the card should work seamlessly in every part of their experience, it was essential to giving them what they wanted in managing spending in order to live the kind of life they wish for.

By leveraging Gen Z’s distinct attitude towards life, DBS came up with an idea that would empower them to do what they care most about: they want to try all the experiences that the world has to offer. And DBS’ Live Fresh credit card allows them to seize every moment and enjoy life’s adventures on their own terms: Don’t just live, live fresh. 

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With this strategy, DBS came up with a first-of-its-kind light dance competition in the category “DBS Dancing Light” to provide an online platform and encourage our audience to really “live fresh” and to dance to their own beat. To elevate this idea, DBS teamed up with Lokman Yeung, leader of boyband MIRROR in Hong Kong and renowned local choreographer Alison to create a series of content through stages of the “DBS Dancing Light” dance competition from recruitment to final judging, Lokman Yeung and Alison gave detailed feedback to each shortlisted participants and carefully chose the winners. The winners were approved by MIRROR and that was a recognition that Gen Z would not trade for.

“Gen Z wants to be 'me' and 'Live Fresh'. The ‘Dancing Light’ has brought the concept of ‘Live Fresh’ to life in an engaging and enjoyable way. We’ve received fantastic participation from the public. It is such an inspiration to see many bright talents, and their amazing dance moves have truly lighted up our event. We are deeply honoured to receive two prestigious awards from MARKETING-INTERACTIVE,” said Julie Chiu, executive director, head of marketing and marketing communications at DBS HK consumer banking group and wealth management.

This article is sponsored by DBS HK.

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