Deliveroo has partnered up with A Plastic Ocean Foundation (APOF), a local charitable organisation dedicated to stopping plastic pollution and initiating ocean recovery from human impacts.

The company has committed to a series of clean-up operations in the wetland region, Ha Pak Lai, from this month through the end of 2023 as part of APOF's #OneTonneLess programme. The commitment from Deliveroo will see over 250 of the company’s staff, riders, and their families participating in beach clean-ups at Ha Pak Lai to protect the beachfront from plastic waste.

As a result, at least one tonne of ocean garbage is projected to be collected by the end of 2023. The initiative also strives to raise public awareness of environmental preservation while teaching the next generation about the necessity of sustainability.

In recent years, onshore human activities have created water pollution and soil contamination, accounting for up to 70% of the loss of young horseshoe crabs. In addition, abandoned farm activities cause severe soil erosion, which washes contaminated soil into streams and the sea. Deliveroo intends to help to restore the ecosystem at Ha Pak Lai by planting new bamboo plants and using the plant's characteristics. With fresh bamboo grown under this initiative, over 2,500kg of CO2 will be absorbed by the bamboo stems.

Additionally, the initiative will see that elemental pollutants are eliminated by phytoremediation, and prevent habitat loss as the new bamboo plants will establish a natural barrier to prevent land-based plastic garbage from being washed into the sea by rainwater and wind.

Andrew Hui, General Manager of Deliveroo Hong Kong, said, “Deliveroo is committed to being a part of the communities by taking steps to drive sustainability. With this collaboration initiative, we hope to stimulate and accelerate new eco-friendly behaviours that will contribute to long-term, sustainable change across generations.”

“We believe that the solution to climate change is a communal effort, and so we're excited to collaborate with APOF to take another step toward environmental preservation by contributing to ocean conservation, repairing the local ecology, and developing sustainable economies that benefit everyone. In addition, we're excited to work with like-minded riders and their families to promote environmental conservation, resulting in a cleaner, more sustainable environment for everybody,” he said.

Willy Kwong, director of A Plastic Ocean Foundation, said, “We’re delighted to have Deliveroo come on board and join us for this important initiative. Hong Kong lies on the eastern edge of the Pearl River Estuary surrounded by the South China Sea, the healthiness of the sea has a direct impact on everyone's living quality.”

“We are obligated to do everything we can to protect and preserve it for the wildlife that calls it home, and of course, for the people of the city too. Together we aim to collect over one tonne of pollutants, and I am confident that with more companies such as Deliveroo by our side, we can achieve our goal in creating a necessary momentum in advancing towards a healthier, more beautiful and sustainable ocean,” Kwong added.

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