NTUC Income has launched a campaign to help its customers during the 2019 Novel Coronavirus health emergency. The agency behind the campaign is BBH Singapore. The campaign looks to communicate the insurance company's travel insurance premium refund to customers who choose to cancel or defer trips due to the epidemic.

In a bid to reach out to as many customers as possible, Income bought a full-page ad on Sunday Times (2 February) and will push out Carousel banners on Income's Facebook page.

While the World Health Organisation has declared the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) a global health emergency, there have been no official travel advisories issued other than those against travel to China for now. According to Income, the coronavirus has certainly caused an impact on global travel and customers may be reconsidering their upcoming travel plans due to the uncertainty with the situation.

The insurance company said in a statement that it aims to provide customers with the flexibility of cancelling or deferring travel plans to any destination outside of China. "Going back on a decision to travel when plans have been made, or rewinding is not such a simple one due to potential monetary losses involved," Income said, adding that the creative concept highlights this through a visual device - the rewind button - and unique elements of frequented countries of travel by Singaporeans.

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