Dragon Rouge has been assigned branding and advertising duties for new hospitality brand, Bawah. Positioned as a rare eco-system experience, Bawah is a cluster of six untouched islands – a protected archipelago - located midway between Singapore and Kalimantan in the Anambas Islands.

With the ambition to create a self-sustaining zero carbon footprint, Bawah aims to conserve the pristine nature of its eco-system through the use of the latest technologies in renewable living and permaculture. Bawah is already a marine park by law.

“Opportunities to help create such an amazing brand come very rarely, and we are honoured to have been engaged by the team at Bawah. The primal beauty of Bawah is truly special, and thanks to the team behind this unique development, it is now a protected reserve hosting stunning biodiversity,”said Zayn Khan, CEO of Dragon Rouge in Southeast Asia.

“Probably the best way to describe the Bawah experience is ‘natural luxury’ – raw nature combined with a refined product. The pristine islands and lagoons make you want to explore – to lose yourself in an unknown world, while the nature-inspired architectural design and unpretentious service style create a feeling of pure, unaffected luxury. Add a strong sustainability drive, and you have the perfect ingredients for a great brand,” added Khan.

On the appointment of Dragon Rouge, Balachandran Navaratnam, director of sales and marketing at Bawah, commented “We needed a brand agency that could work with us to craft a unique story and help translate it into a different kind of hospitality experience. The brand identity and launch communications will be key to building awareness, but it’s the experience that will build the brand. Dragon Rouge understood this and demonstrated the kind of holistic brand partnership we were looking for.”

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