Sexual health brand Durex has shown a sense of humour in light of a Hong Kong politician's bizarre comments regarding the ongoing coronavirus situation.

Durex has mocked comments made by the city's health services chair, Ann Chiang Lai-wan. In the face of the worldwide coronavirus outbreak (which originated from nearby Mainland China) Hong Kong is struggling to cope with a massive surgical mask shortage. Chiang had suggested that steaming a mask could disinfect it, despite being told by medical experts this was not advisable.


Chiang went as far as  sharing a video on her official Facebook account, suggesting that when there's a surgical mask shortage, steaming it can solve your urgent needs. In that video, a Chinese doctor said steaming a mask would not damage its structure, but he suggested not to use a microwave oven to disinfect it.

Chiang's continued assertions - even as she was directly contradicted by multiple experts - drew widespread criticism online, which Durex has seized upon by creating a tongue in cheek post on its official Facebook page reminding people not to reuse condoms. Durex specifically asked people not to steam condoms as there is no correct way to reuse a condom, which is only meant for single use.



In the post, Durex asks the question: "Can we reuse [a condom] after steaming it at 100°C?" The brand's fictional character, sex doctor Jeremy (#杜Jer) answers, "That's not a thing."

Durex expanded in its post to explain saying, "Recently, there's been a rumour that steaming a condom can disinfect it. Sex doctor ( #杜Jer) reiterates that a condom can be used once only. Don't steam it!"

The post has amassed more than 7,400 impressions, 536 comments, and more than 2,400 shares at the time of writing

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