While the pandemic might have posed several challenges for several industries, it has also given way to a digital future as brands are pushed to keep up with the everchanging digital habits of the consumer. According to  Accenture Interactive's Fjord trends report , a cultural explosion is waiting to happen this year. This includes the talk about the metaverse being the new frontier of the Internet, combining all the existing layers of information, interfaces, and spaces with which people interact. It offers a new place to make money, new job creations and infinite brand possibilities that people will expect businesses to help build and navigate, the report added.

With current trends such as the metaverse and the rise of NFTs, the marketing and advertising industry can expect a reimagined storytelling and engagement for always-on consumers. Now with the start of the new year, industry players share with MARKETING-INTERACTIVE a trend which they think will be a game changer this year. 

Click on each picture to watch a video! 

1. Diana Boo, chief marketing officer of financial services at Axiata Digital 


2. Derek Tan, chief brand officer at Carsome


3. Rebecca Ang Lee, chief marketing officer at MSIG Asia 


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