With Chinese New Year around the corner, brands are flexing their creative muscles by creating interesting yet meaningful red packets that will resonate with consumers. From the spirit of reunion and camaraderie to biodiversity, prosperity, and digital transformation, these were some of the themes that shaped the strategy of brands when producing their red packets.

Instead of merely showing images, MARKETING-INTERACTIVE decided to bring these red packets to life by interviewing a senior executive from six brands. The series of six explainer videos will showcase the creative concept behind each red packet design and its meaning.

Click on each picture to watch a video!

1. CIMB Singapore

cimb angpao

2. Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

mercedes benz malaysia angpao

3. MSIG Asia

msig angpao

4. Ninja Van

ninja van angpao

5. StarHub

starhub angpao

6. U Mobile

u mobile angpao

Share your thoughts with us!

Favourite red packet design?
CIMB Singapore
Mercedes-Benz Malaysia
Ninja Van
U Mobile
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