Facebook has stirred up conversations after users started to complain about the disappearance of the 'edit posts' option on the app after updating it on ios, according to HITC

A check by MARKETING-INTERACTIVE saw many frustrated Facebook users complaining on Twitter about being unable to find the ‘edit post’ option on the app. Several users also tweeted at Facebook to understand the incident, with some claiming they were confused and asking why the company has not fixed the issue.

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Meanwhile, social listening company CARMA saw a large number of Twitter mentions related to the missing 'edit post' button on Facebook, "The related mentions generated a total of 72.9% negative mentions (vs 2.2% positive mentions) over the last seven days," said Charles Cheung, general manager of CARMA. 

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"Many Twitter users appeared to be angry, frustrated and annoyed with this update, some even called the act of removing the edit post button 'childish' and 'ablest'. Several Twitter users believed that the 'edit post' feature was useful for them to correct typos after a post is published. Other than Twitter, we also saw a number of videos on YouTube that show Facebook users how they can fix the issue with the missing edit post button," Cheung added. 

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out to Facebook for a statement. 

Commenting on the incident, Francis Fong, honorary chairman of Hong Kong Association of Interactive esb电竞数据投注电脑版 told  MARKETING-INTERACTIVE  that it is not uncommon to see similar issues happening on Facebook, "I think the reason behind this is mostly due to bugs on ios updates. I tried using Android and it works fine. We have to wait until Facebook fixes it."

Fong added that the 'edit post' function is useful and important for users as they can simply edit the content or wordings instead of removing the entire post, "It's important to have 'edit history' as well to let audience know if someone has edited the posts."

This is not the only incident that has led the Meta-owned social media platform to face heat. Previously,  Facebook announced that it will disable users and retailers from hosting live shopping events from 1 October 2022, but broadcasting live events is still allowed. According to an official statement on Meta, users will no longer be able to host any new or scheduled live shopping events on Facebook starting from 1 October.

Product playlists or product tags will be barred on Facebook live videos, however users can still use Facebook Live to broadcast live events.

This move comes as Meta saw consumers’ viewing behaviours shifting towards short-form videos. Hence it plans to shift more focus to reels on Facebook and Instagram.  In terms of live shopping features, Meta suggested that retailers can switch to Instagram’s Live Shopping function, if they wish to have a shop with checkout and host live shopping events.

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