Sustainable development is a corporate business, and at the same time, a community’s effort. Winning accolades for Best Sustainability Event, Best Event – Corporate Social Responsibility, and Best Cost-Effective Event in esb电竞数据投注电脑版 Events Awards 2021, Sino Group’s integrated green community project Farm Together plants seeds for sustainability by bringing Sino Club members and the broader green community closer to nature while taking everyone on an educational journey of respecting our relationship with nature and with one another.

As a continuation of the group’s "Creating Better Lifescapes" vision, Farm Together promotes green living and celebrates local biodiversity in alignment with the mission of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Through introducing a wide variety of green initiatives co-organised with Sino Club, Farm Together features the multifaceted aspects of green sustainable living.

Green Tour with Herb Soap Making Workshop
Create natural sustainable soap using the traditional cold processing method with herbs and flowers cultivated in Sino Group farms.


Green Tour
Explore Green Upcycled Room, solar panels, smart water dispenser, mural painting, and the Butterflies and Herbs Farm.

Tie-dyed Workshop
Create custom-designed tie-dyed fabrics and garments using indigo plants grown at Sino Group’s farms from the Farm Together project.
tie dyed

Urban Farm Tour
Learn all about the farming essentials, including knowledge of farm preparation, farm tools, watering, and cultivation techniques, to prepare the land for the best possible growing conditions.
urban farm tour Fresh Pesto Sauce Making Workshop
Make a delicious pesto sauce using fresh-picked herbs from the farm and tour around the farm to explore the different plant species that are grown.

Sino Group sees sustainability as the core of its business. With ten farms currently operating across its properties in Hong Kong that span over 35,000 square feet, the Group has one of the largest urban farming footprints in the city. Through Farm Together and the Group’s membership programme Sino Club, Sino Group encourages the community to re-establish a connection with nature and put sustainability forward in the decades to come.

esb电竞数据投注电脑版 Events Awards 2021
Best Sustainability Event —  Gold Award
Best Event —  Corporate Social Responsibility —  Gold Award
Best Cost-Effective Event Bronze Award

This article is sponsored by Sino Group.

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