Singaporean reality star from Netflix’s Bling Empire, Kane Lim, is the newest face for Fenty Beauty. Fenty Beauty is owned by superstar singer Rihanna. Fenty Beauty’s Instagram account posted images of Lim on his Fenty favourites, while Lim posted on his excitement about the partnership.

The partnership places Lim as the first Southeast Asian brand ambassador for Fenty beauty.

Bling Empire is currently running its second season on Netflix. Since the success of the show, Lim and several members of the cast of Bling Empire have also inked deals with influencer marketing platform Gushcloud as interest for brand collaborations came pouring in.

During MARKETING-INTERACTIVE’s Content 360 conference, Lim shared that his latest project signed was with pop star Rihanna's new skincare line Fenty Skin. "I was so excited. I get approached by brands all the time, but Rihanna is so iconic, and for me it’s just full circle," Lim shared with audiences. In fact, Lim also credits his rise to fame to the pop star who followed him on Instagram eight years ago, which led to his meteoric rise in follower count. Today he has about  467k followers on his Instagram platform.

Listen to the podcast here.

Lim also shared that he is careful of brands he chooses to work with and “doesn’t work with brands that he doesn’t associate [him]self with”.

“I will not take a job that does not represent my core values because I pride myself in being authentic in my entire social media career. That’s because even if you are paying me, I feel that I’m not going to deliver on my part as well. […] I don’t take jobs that I don’t identify with, or that conflicts with my values,” he had then shared.\

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