The idea of a metaverse , a digital representation of the real world where people can interact and "be in the moment" whenever and wherever they may be, is starting to gain momentum in the consciousness of the Filipino mainstream masses with the rise of the blockchain technology through cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Padayon, a Filipino-themed NFT residing in the Solana Blockchain representing the Filipinos in this futuristic realm both in concept and in art, launched recently, aiming to be the gateway to a Philippine Metaverse.

"The word 'padayon' comes from the Visayan vernacular and shares the mantra of the Filipino's well-known resilience," said founder JR Andrade. "From myths to legends, from food to transportation, from historical places to iconic landmarks, the project explores the rich culture of the Philippines and aims to get to know the Filipino people more through these metaverse-ready blockchain generated arts."

On mint day, users will first meet the three brothers  Alberto, Victor, and Gabriel. As they  journey along, they will meet the rest of the family--represented in various shapes, sizes, and gender preferences, and understand the metaverse they live in.To make it more interesting, early community members in Padayon’s discord will be given an"Agila Token", inspired by the country's very own Philippine Eagle. This complimentary NFT serves as a multi-use whitelist token that can be utilized for our original mint and future mints of the Padayon metaverse.

Andrade added, "The Padayon family of the Solana Blockchain is here to raise our flag to to pave the way in understanding and exploring further our very own Philippine metaverse."

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