Thailand chicken brand, Five Star Chicken, is taking a different approach to its latest ad, seeking public opinion from consumers of all generations on the type of characters which should be featured. Titled "The Movies That Made (From) Us", the short film features Thai celebrity Weir confessing that he does not know what to show the audience.

The film then cuts to several street interviews with people from different generations, from Baby Boomers and Gen X to Millennials and Gen Z, gathering responses on the type of characters, props and storyline they wanted to see in the ad.

Ranging from chickens, and zombies, to even characters such as Harry Potter and Elsa, the set where Weir is situated then transforms as more comments from young and old come in. As the ad progresses, the set delves into chaos, all while featuring Five Star Chicken's food on the table, and having interviewees eat the chicken on camera at the end. 

To date, the YouTube ad has garnered more than one million views. In fact, just one day after its launch, the ad had generated over 600K views on Five Star Chicken Thailand's official YouTube channel. 

The creative concept came about when Five Star Chicken realised that all brands from the 1980s share one problem - the generation gap. Having been popular among Baby Boomers and Gen X, the chicken brand now struggles to connect with Gen Y and Gen Z customers.

To solve this pain point, Five Star Chicken worked with BBDO Bangkok to come up with the concept "Chicken that connects generations together". The team believed that no matter what conflict the public has - be it politics, music, fashion or even how to raise your child - what all consumers share is the love for chicken.

According to BBDO Bangkok's chief creative officer, Thasorn Boonyanate, it was only then that they decided to base the ad on asking different generations for their ideas, where they started by asking questions about its presenter, Weir, to his Instagram followers.

"The first replies were some quirky, but cool ones on Instagram, but then we saw people discussing the topic further on Facebook and Twitter. In the end, our filmmaker suggested we go out and ask people on the street what they want, and bang, we had an ad for all generations," he explained. Boonyanate added that while the ad was quirky and weird, it was still a super entertaining film that integrated every idea from each generation into one story. 

Five Star Chicken launched its first store in Bangalore in 2012 and takes pride in its "Farm to Fork" model, which encompasses the flow of food from the hatching of eggs until the finished product reaches the customers' plates.

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