Flare Communications Group has earned its reputation as a trusted partner to many clients in Hong Kong by keeping close tabs on the changing marketing scene in Hong Kong. 

Over the past few years, one area the company really saw take off was social media – which has seen a boom in all industries from luxury to utility. This saw the 20-year-old agency, with a foundation in influencer marketing, launch MindDATA, an AI-driven influencer platform that provides real-time in-depth insights into the demographic and psychographic data of 120 million influencers worldwide. 

The platform was created keeping in mind the busy marketer, and aims to provide quick and powerful solutions to influencer marketing – an area that some may still find murky in Hong Kong. 

The platform boasts practical features such as influencer discovery, influencer profile analysis, audience profile analysis, project performance tracking, and ROI prediction. 

With the platform being Chinese language-enabled, it is also highly adaptable and customisable for markets such as Hong Kong, Macau, and China. 

Speaking of the inception of the platform, Flare Communications Group CEO and managing director, Bastian Wong, said “We are always aware and feel obliged to finding better and smarter solutions to influencers engagement. 

“Our goal to introduce MindDATA is to further strengthen our agency’s influencers’ marketing capabilities, combining our experienced ‘minds’ with ‘data’ to pivot data-driven, accurate, real-time, and predictable influencer marketing strategies.”

She added that the engine was unleashed to help marketers make data-driven decisions and construct more meaningful and measurable engagement with influencers. 

Wong expressed that as an agency, Flare Communications is not just looking to work with marketers and influencers at scale, but also looking to build long-term brand-influencer and agency-influencer partnerships.

Making informed decisions 

Currently, there are more than 120 million influencers from all over the world on MindDATA’s database. These influencers cut across a range of platforms from Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, to many others. There are also four curated interfaces to help brands and marketers manage campaigns. This allows for the ease of activation of campaigns from hundreds of influencers. 

Understanding the influencers profile thoroughly before engaging with them

screenshot 3

Having its database continuously updated enables marketers to have the most up-to-date information when it comes to deciding on the right influencer partner. 

Users are able to swiftly peek at influencer profiles on MindDATA to gain a better understanding of the influencers they have their eyes on, and evaluate their personalities to ensure resonance with their audience. Marketers are also empowered to make informed decisions based on an influencer’s past collaborations and results of their work.

screenshot 2

Predict your results 

Another powerful feature the platform hosts – which can truly make a difference for marketers – lies in its project results prediction feature. The feature allows social campaigns to be monitored and improved on based on campaign performance and competitor analysis. 

With all the filters to pick the right influencers, the engine empowers users to track campaign statistics in real-time, from engagement to audience data, and beyond. There is also the availability of a personalised influencer analytics dashboard for marketers to confidently track KPIs and uncover hidden treasures.

  screenshot 1

These insights are garnered from an automatic update of KPI estimation based on machine learning and AI algorithms. Moreover, the platform is also able to deep dive on campaigns with a comprehensive data report where marketers can effectively compare and consolidate findings. 

Commenting further on the system, Wong said: “We are digitally powered to deliver targeted and engaging content through social media activations and data analysis, in order to maximise the impact of collaboration through resourceful connections with key influencers plus our eye for rising talent.”

She added that with MindDATA marketers can remain at the forefront to discover market trends and maximise opportunities working with clients.


This article is sponsored by Flare Communications





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