FLY Entertainment founder and entrepreneur Irene Ang has launched a new global casting platform headquartered out of Singapore called TADAA! Casting.

The AI-powered platform was created to connect talents, models, actors, celebrities, singers, content creators, sports stars and performers to clients and opportunities around the world to break down physical, geographical and time restrictions. Through the TADAA! Casting app, talents, content creators and users can set up profiles and search for assignments and jobs of their interest. Likewise, talent agencies, production houses and casting directors can connect to a vast pool of talents and artistes without the hassle of any geographical restrictions and time differences.

 “This was a long-time idea of mine where individuals and corporates in the media and entertainment industry could come together and collaborate efficiently. Today we are truly excited and blessed to share that our years of planning has finally reached fruition,” said Ang, who is also now taking on the role of CEO and founder of TADAA! Casting. She added that TADAA! Casting is created by the Asian industry for the world as the demand for Asian talents continues to grow rapidly, and Asia reinvents the demand and supply of casting.

Ang shared that TADAA! Casting app’s day to day operations will be led by GM Skye Chen who has over 14 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Her background is largely in marketing and managing artistes and events.  Meanwhile, long-time marketer Frazer Neo, who was last leading Electrolux Asia Pacific’s PR, communications and digital marketing has also joined the company as CMO.

Entrepreneur Ng Aik Phong is also helping Ng as a strategic advisor for the company. Ng is the managing director and founding member of mobile payments and rewards platform FAVE. Meanwhile Hsien Naidu who is co-founder of Astreem Consulting is also coming on board as a consultant for the platform.


In an interview, Ang also told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE that with the launch, she is currently in active conversations with agencies and production houses. The end goal is to be able to provide talent to the likes of Netflix, HBO, Disney, Viu, Mediacorp, mm2 and many others moving forward, shared Ang. “With the rise of Asian representation, Asian talents are no longer far and few sitting on the sidelines of shows. They have more prominent roles in the creation of content,” she said.

Meanwhile, with the app, Ang is also looking to build up on its in-app, website, and social media advertising. In the second phase of the plan, which is at the later end of 2022, the team hopes to bring the app to markets such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam at the end of the year.  The third phase will see it expand in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

“We want to be like the LinkedIn of the content creators industry where we can help talent connect to marketers and look at jobs, network and chat all within one platform,” she shared.

Listen to the full podcast with Ang here.

More opportunities for everyone

And shared that this platform also enables casting directors to employ characters who might play smaller roles.  “Not everyone might be getting the lead role, but the talent in the market is a plenty,” she said.

The launch of the app comes as markets across Asia slowly start to open. When asked if this could have a negative impact on her plans, Ang remains bullish on the growth explaining that the main reason the app was created was to bring convenience to marketers and talent scouts.

“The DNA of the app remains that, and even as markets open, this would help marketers with the shortlisting of the right talent without having them travel down to casting calls. In some markets, interstate travel is tough due to high volumes of traffic. The app cuts down the time as marketers can shortlist talents on the app and check for the right budgets and skillsets. Our AI mechanics also helps marketers to match the right talent to the job,” she said.

She added for talents, this also allows them to sieve the jobs offered in advance.

“In some markets, safety remains a concern. With the reviews and testimonial functions, this app can help talents to verify if the job is a real one or a scam one as well,” she added.

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