Foodpanda Hong Kong has become the first brand advertiser in the market to programmatically utilise JCDecaux Transport ’s latest crystal digital and spectacular digital OOH screens at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). The move was done in partnership with JCDecaux Transport, Mindshare, and Xaxis, GroupM’s outcome media specialist.

First launched on 15 July, the campaign ran over the course of three weeks to drive awareness for foodpanda’s 24/7 online grocery platform, pandamart. The campaign advertisements were featured across three screens at the airport including one crystal digital screen and two arrival spectacular digital screens, reaching passengers who are about to begin their on-arrival quarantine process.

The crystal digital and spectacular digital screens were selected for the campaign due to their strategic placement where passengers at the HKIA arrival hall have a direct line of sight to on-screen videos. With Xaxis’ programmatic expertise, foodpanda will also be able to dynamically define its screen mix, panel mix, audience type, and set messages to be delivered at optimal times.

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out to foodpanda for additional information.

“We’re thrilled to have partnered up with foodpanda [...] to launch their first pDOOH campaign in HKIA this year,” said Michael Lai, business director of Mindshare. “With Xaxis’ expertise, programmatic brings a whole new level of digital creativity for advertisers and consumers, providing a non-intrusive method for relevant customers and passengers to engage with.”

“We’re very excited to enable foodpanda to deliver dynamic and contextually relevant content that resonates with passengers' needs as they land in Hong Kong,” said Arnaud Redon, general manager airport at JCDecaux Transport.

“We are always keen to explore new and innovative ways of reaching our target audiences and are delighted to be the first market advertiser on the Crystal Digital and Spectacular Digital pDOOH screens in HKIA,” said Alex Law, marketing director of foodpanda.

“We projected two 10-second videos on the screens by adopting dynamic creative displays to showcase and communicate our quick and convenient pandamart service. We understand the challenges passengers may face during quarantine, and would like to ease the process by providing easy access to basic necessities,” he added.

Previously in July,  Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has launched photo-friendly multimedia zones called "Journey of Discovery”  to enhance passenger experience . The  three zones are named “Crystal Elevator” and “Waterfall Gardens” in the non-restricted areas, and “Totems of Joy” at the boarding gates within the restricted area. They all feature  digital content themed on travel, nature and fun to offer travellers inspiration prior to their journeys.

On the other hand, foodpanda’s pandamart has recorded a 53% year-over-year increase  this year, growing by around 144% compared to last year. Since the launch of pandamart in 2020, the platform has since launched 20 pandamarts servicing 17 out of 18 districts in Hong Kong, and as many as 350 pandamarts across foodpanda’s 11 markets in the APAC region.

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