Foodpanda Hong Kong's Pandamart has recorded a 53% year-over-year increase, of which the Sai Ying Pun branch has had the highest order values, growing by around 144% compared to last year. Since the launch of Pandamart, a 7x24 online supermarket, two years ago, the platform has become a first mover in the quick-commerce (q-commerce) space. Two years on, there are currently 20 pandamarts servicing 17 out of 18 districts in Hong Kong, and as many as 350 pandamarts across foodpanda’s 11 markets in the APAC region.

Over the last year, Pandamart's turnover recorded a 53% increase, reflecting the strong demand for q-commerce from Hongkongers. The Sai Ying Pun Pandamart has recorded the highest order values, growing by around 144% compared to the same period last year. Pandamart Hong Kong is currently working with 1,300 international and local brands, offering nearly 10,000 products, including fresh produce, frozen and chilled food, snacks, beverages and various types of household goods.

As on-demand delivery becomes the new norm for Hongkongers, coupled with the rising awareness of living a healthy lifestyle, customers are now demonstrating increased demand for fresher ingredients and groceries. To meet this demand and offer more diverse choices for customers, pandamart has consistently been introducing more varieties of fresh food, including vegetables, fruits, bread, pastries and more, and specifically partners with local farms to offer a range of organic vegetables and fruits.

Compared with the same period in the previous year, the demand for fresh ingredients in the second quarter of 2022 increased by 119%, while the number of orders for local organic ingredients and fresh vegetables also grew exponentially by 370% and 73%, respectively. Besides fresh food, Pandamart has also expanded its range of chilled wines and desserts on the platform to address seasonal demands. According to data from foodpanda, the demand for wine and desserts is particularly strong among Hong Kong customers. Orders for spirits and wine increased by 64% last year, while orders for ice cream and desserts recorded a 100% growth.

Ryan Lai, managing director of Foodpanda Hong Kong, said Foodpanda addresses the changing consumption habits and demands of the market by bringing on more high-quality products and partnering with local ‘made-in-Hong Kong’ brands to create a more meaningful online shopping experience for everyone.


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