As traffic picks up in the Philippines, the mobile food delivery marketplace Foodpanda welcomes audiences with a contextual Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) programmatic campaign that uses traffic and weather triggers to display a variety of menu creatives curated for on-the-road passengers.

The campaign was executed by DOOH advertising technology company Moving Walls along with Metropolis Media. A list of curated creatives were designed to stand by, and to be played to suit-the-mood of the day, following weather triggers set up at the physical billboards.

If it’s a sunny day, the data platform picks up the warm weather signal, and Halo-Halo ice cream creatives pop up. When it rains, the trigger prompts other comfort food items.

When the pre-morning rush kicks in, a coffee ad prompts the driver to pick up their app and order their coffee drink of many choices.

Contextual DOOH has gained much popularity among advertisers. However, the challenge has always been to scale these beyond award-winning case studies.

Like other advertising channels, OOH took a beating as markets moved to enforce lockdowns to contain the pandemic. Campaigns such as Foodpanda’s showcase the green shoots of recovery. Brands are once again highlighting the importance of physical billboards to reach moving audiences.


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