Former Miss Hong Kong Shirley Yeung has drawn some confusion and mixed reactions on social media users amid charging followers extra fees for having one-to-one conversation with her on Douyin.

The 43-year-old, who was crowned Miss Hong Kong in 2001, began charging during her livestream video on Douyin where she charged 8,888 doubi (about HK$1,484) for a five-minute conversation, according local news report such as HK01 . Those who are interested in the offer are also required to explain why they wanted to speak to her before they get approval to enter the conversation.

Recently, Yeung was seen starting a live broadcast on Douyin, dressed in casual wear with delicate makeup. In the middle of the broadcast, some netizens discovered that there was a "paid connection" window in the lower right corner of Yeung's live broadcast room, stating that "Payment needed to connect for a limited time, but you need to pay 8888 Doucoin, the conversation is for five minutes, and you need to fill in the reason for applications." However, some netizens  pointed out that the system usually does not have this function. 

The action of the former TVB actress left netizens puzzled on her money making ways, with some commenting on a Facebook post of WeekendHK whether she was in urgent need for money while others commented it made her look bad for using such tactics. Others were more sympathetic towards the mother-of-two and said followers need not pay if they did not want to have a one-on-one conversation with her.

Yeung has not released a statement over the incident. 

Yeung joined TVB after being crowned Miss Hong Kong and her contract with the station ended in 2014. She won six awards in the pageant and she currently holds the record for the most awards won by Miss Hong Kong.    She had since expanded to mainland China where she took part in stage, filming, live streaming, and appearing as guests in events.


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