Fresh Hong Kong eCommerce has been experiencing impressive sales growth as it has doubled up the sales since its debut in August 2020, and was among the top 5 in the market from the Beauté Research in Q3 2021. With such an inspiring result from the competitive beauty landscape in Hong Kong, the brand believes that its eCommerce success and winning formula come from a mix of customer-centric media strategy, exclusive online brand collaborations to create excitement, new elements and the UX/UI enhancement, instead of purely promotional sales and discounted offers.

The brand collaborates with the Google Hong Kong team and media agency L'Atelier by GroupM to adopt a full-funnel media strategy with mixed Google solutions. They deployed awareness-driven solutions like Masthead & Custom Pack on YouTube to target new customers and Search Ads to increase the volume of traffic to the brand's website and the brand’s visibility. Fresh Hong Kong also experimented with a machine-learning-driven automated bidding strategy to increase meaningful traffic and drive online product purchases on its website. Besides, implementing Discovery Ad and Smart Shopping Ad to test different image and text combinations to reach audiences at the relevant “Shopping Intent” stage of their journey with the best possible Ad. In addition to adopt Programmatic Ad to retarget existing customers, Fresh Hong Kong could stay top-of-mind as customers browse the internet.

Not only that, Fresh Hong Kong has been handing out exclusive beauty indulgence to customers from the cult-favourited brand to create newness. In July 2021, the collaboration with boyband MIRROR's Jer Lau, who became the brand's ambassador for the Kombucha campaign. The collaboration saw impressive results as customers can use his promo code to get a postcard. During the campaign period, one Kombucha Treatment Essence was sold in every two orders, while the brand achieved a 200% return on ad spend too. 

Fresh Hong Kong worked on an exclusive online collaboration with the contemporary boutique florist van der Bloom to celebrate Mother’s Day as a gifting brand. All gift sets with a bouquet and skincare were sold out in 48 hours. What’s more, at the launch of Crème Ancienne White Truffle Overnight Mask, the latest addition to the brand’s most prestigious line, Fresh Hong Kong collaborated with Date by TATE, the two Michelin-starred Tate Dining Room’s cake shop. Customers received the complimentary “Fresh x Date by TATE White Truffle Pastry Set” upon a certain spending amount at online in September. fresh hk online aritcle

To celebrate the first anniversary, also launched a lucky draw campaign in August by offering customers to unlock unique promo codes, which successfully achieved a conversion rate of 28% to reach potential new customers further. The brand has just launched its flagship store at HKTV mall, the leading online shopping marketplace in Hong Kong. Let’s stay tuned for Fresh Hong Kong to unlock the eCommerce potential fully.  

This article is contributed by Fresh Hong Kong and Pontec. 

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