FTLife Insurance Company has launched a brand campaign to encourage consumers to have a healthy and fulfilling life. The campaign is under the theme of "Championing Spirit", featuring three swimmers of different ages and backgrounds who push themselves beyond the boundaries and rise to challenges. The ongoing campaign features three swimmers, including the member of the Hong Kong Swimming team Keith Sin, who is a five-time Cross Harbour Race champion who says life is an endless journey to create breakthroughs, and he’s not stopping until he is proud.

The campaign also features swimmers Wan Tsz-shan and Leung Yuen-ying, with both of them participating in the Cross Harbour Race last year. According to FTLife, Wan used to be afraid of water but he was determined to overcome obstacles. He then also determined to grow into a courageous competitive swimmer and finished his first Cross Harbour Race last year. Another swimmer Leung, 80, started swimming at the age of five. From coaching by her father to swimming with her daughter, swimming is not merely a competition to her. On the other hand, this is a family tradition that she inherited and has been keeping close to her heart.

FTLife said the campaign is aimed at standing by everyone’s side through different life stages by powering up the offerings and rewards to boost customers' health and life experiences, helping them lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

In addition to the campaign that will run until the end of the year, FTLife also uses OOH ads, TV commercials, digital and social media content to maximise awareness. 

"A champion is the result of self-perfection. Embracing the 'Championing Spirit', FTLife have been upgrading the protection, services and experiences continually for our customers, supporting them to meet challenges and set new records in life. We hope this new campaign will infuse positivity into the community during the pandemic and encourage everyone to attain their life goals," said Jasmine Lam, vice president of branding and communications of FTLife.

Christopher Lee, executive creative director of Saatchi & Saatchi, added, "A champion is not about the first place in a competition, but about the mindset. We can be a champion if we keep going from strength to strength. For years, FTLife has been striving for excellence and walking its talk by supporting every customer to pursue life goals and create a better future."

The company added that by leveraging the advantages of the New World Group’s business ecosystem, FTLife is aimed at reaching every corner of the community and creating shared value for society. "The stories of the three swimmers resonate with the mission and vision of FTLife. We are committed to providing protection beyond expectation, building the most solid foundation

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