Gillette has partnered with Singapore Olympic gold medalist Joseph Schooling (pictured) to launch a short film to inspire more Singaporeans?to be truly their best self by bringing out the best in others. This marks the first collaboration between Gillette and Schooling and was done together with The Sunny Side and Safe House Media.

The 72-second film explores?what truly is the best a man can be, and will be aired on local terrestrial and cable channels. The 15-second and 30-second cut down versions will also be released later. The film starts off with Schooling reminiscing as he shaves, thinking about the things his father Colin Schooling had taught him from when he was a little boy: to better himself with every stroke, to be a world beater, to respect but never fear the competition and, above all, to always be a gentleman.

Rajeev Sathyesh, associate brand director, APAC Shave care, Gillette said: ?Throughout our lives, society defines for us what success is and we use this to judge ourselves and others. Men are told what masculinity is and that success is about pursuing individual glory. Surely, we can be better than that."

He added that Gillette wants to spark conversations among Singaporeans about what it means to be their best and to be inspired to define what they truly see as their best self beyond societal norms. The partnership also?extends Gillette?s tradition to shine the spotlight on values imparted from father to son, leveraging on the close relationship between Joseph and his father Colin and how his father has inspired him to be the man that he is today, Sathyesh said.

Schooling added that?shooting the film brought back fond memories of his growing up years with his father by his side and the many lessons on life he imparted in and out of the pool.

?I am grateful that growing up, I had a strong role model like my father to inspire me. Shaving is not the only thing my dad taught me. He also taught me that there is more to life than individual glory, and how to be the best that you truly can be. My dad continues to be my inspiration. I hope that I can inspire and bring out this passion in the next generation to be the best self that they truly can be," Schooling said.

Schooling recently rolled out his performance skincare brand JS Orphic featuring four products ?designed to?alleviate skin concerns, provide long lasting protection, and stimulate healthy skin rejuvenation. The brand and products took three years to conceptualise, and it features a gender neutral and clean packaging.

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