Golden Village (GV) has announced that busker Jeff Ng will be performing at a music showcase at GV Vivocity on 9 September for the second edition of its "Lights, Camera, Busking Live!" initiative. GV launched the "Lights, Camera, Busking Live!" initiative in partnership with Buskers’ Association to offer buskers a platform to showcase their talent and establish busking as one of Singapore's major street culture. The first edition featured buskers Jason Yu, Arya, Angie Goh, Brylight, Robin Curtis, Min performing live singing, circus performances and street dancing. 

However, due to the negative sentiments around Ng after allegations of abuse in his past relationship emerged, the GV social media page soon saw a swarm of snarky comments emerge under the announcement. The comments brought up Ng's past, and how he allegedly treated his fans. Netizens questioned why GV picked to support Ng when there are other buskers to support.

Undaunted, GV decided to respond, and engage with, many of the negative comments by trying to turn the conversation and asking netizens to come listen to the great vocals and eat popcorn.  In some of the other responses it also urged netizens to  buy popcorn or hotdog combo and shared that "Mr Popcorn loves to listen to local talent".

jeff ng gv 1

jeff ng gv 2

Ng was hit with controversies just last month where he was called out by his former girlfriend and other local musicians for his behaviour. Questions around him buying followers also made headlines. This saw brands such as Atome SG  distancing from Ng   and removing all posts of Jeff Ng on Instagram and TikTok. 

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