Green Park Content (GPC), the rapidly growing, SEO-driven global brand publishing expert has helped Unilever Beauty and Personal Care launch the BeautyHub.PH content hub to champion a new age of inclusive beauty and body diversity. BeautyHub.PH is Unilever Philippines’ contribution to Unilever’s global commitment to positive beauty.

BeautyHub.PH is a new online publication that aims to become a one-stop destination for all beauty advice and inspiration for people of all colours, shapes, and sizes.

Unilever's latest content hub champions inclusivity and equal representation, encouraging everyone to become proud of their own identity and ‘be their own beautiful’. The online destination seeks to redefine beauty standards and celebrate body diversity by shining light on every skin tone, age group, hair needs, and body types. From embracing stretch marks to caring for brown skin, BeautyHub.PH provides informative content that is relatable, uplifting, and speaks to all concerns.

“We’re proud to have this incredible opportunity to produce Unilever Philippines’ brand-new content platform,” said GPC Asia managing director Marcelo Bittencourt. “BeautyHub.PH will bridge between Unilever’s products and its audiences through insightful storytelling that delivers value and promotes inclusivity and diversity.”

The digital platform aims to inspire confidence and improve people’s perspectives about their skin, hair, and bodies to challenge stereotypes and beauty standards. BeautyHub.PH is led by a dedicated editorial team that is managed by GPC and hosts wide-ranging content curated and written by in-house editors, celebrities, and beauty experts. These contents meet the diverse beauty needs and search queries of Filipinas and range from practical tips, how-to guides, beauty trends, interviews, to wellness and lifestyle articles.

The BeautyHub.PH experience celebrates the beauty in everyone, and showcases 18 Unilever Beauty and Personal Care brands (AXE, Black & White, Clear, Closeup, Dove, Dove Men, Baby Dove, Eskinol, Lifebuoy, Love Beauty Planet, Master, Ponds, Ponds Men, Rexona, Sunsilk, TRESemme, Vaseline and Vitakeratin). 

Francis Almirante, digital transformation manager, Unilever Philippines (Beauty and Personal Care) said: "GPC is a thought leader in SEO and content - they have a keen understanding of how search intent can dictate strategic paths for our brands to influence consumer behaviour.

Creative & brand strategy director for GPC APAC, Fe Husaint, who was also recently shortlisted for Women Leading Change of the Year by Campaign Asia, said “GPC is privileged to help Unilever deliver this purposeful project to shape a world that champions inclusivity & diversity. So we are proud to work on the brand identity and communication strategy for BeautyHub.PH.”

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