Chinese luxury automaker Dongfeng Infiniti has named Havas Media Group its media agency, putting Havas in charge of media strategy, content marketing and media buy across both digital and traditional media channels for 2021.

With Dongfeng Infiniti poised to accelerate its technological innovation and rejuvenate the brand in the upcoming year, Havas Media Group will offer its expertise to strengthen the brand's position as a luxury automaker within the Chinese market and meet the expectations for luxury from Chinese customers.

"In 2021, Havas will adhere to the corporate vision of ‘Make a Meaningful Difference’ and continue to provide clients with professional services as well as media and creative solutions. We are honoured to be able to win the recognition of the Infiniti brand, and we will actively cooperate with Dongfeng Infiniti’s marketing team to focus on the customer, and bring more added value to users through high-quality customer service and excellent brand experience," said Karl Wu, co-chairman and CEO of Havas Media Group China.

"With high sense of responsibility, we will fulfill the long-term commitment to Chinese consumers and realise the long-term development of the brand in China," Wu added.

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