Specialist recruitment company   Hays has rebranded to better meet the changing needs of organisations and professionals, and simplify customers' access to its services. As part of its brand refresh and repositioning, Hays is consolidating its sub-brands, simplifying its structure and revamping its brand messaging. The move will connect all areas of its business to enable better sharing of knowledge, continual enhancement of the suite of services that are available to customers, and deliver a more personalised experience. 

The new branding (pictured below) also includes a new tagline, "Working for your tomorrow", which revolves around preparing organisations and people to be stronger tomorrow than they are today. Hays explained that the tagline signals its intention to work alongside its customers to help them achieve their goals. In addition, it displays its commitment to delivering to its customer needs, and helping them make the most of opportunities. 

hays rebranding tagline
hays rebranding

To aid in the rebranding process, Hays undertook research with external experts, speaking to clients, non-clients, and candidates globally to understand their perception of what Hays does well, where opportunities existed and what they really wanted and needed from their partners and the role Hays could play in 2021. Additionally, Hays also looked at competitors in the market to understand how others in the industry were evolving their own approach to understand how to differentiate Hays’ services in the market. MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out to Hays for additional information. 

This transition sees Hays increasingly going to market as a HR and talent services business, bringing an integrated suite of services, including workplace solutions, MSP and RPO, alongside specialist recruitment, to help its clients grow and maintain their competitive advantages. 

According to Hays, the brand sees itself as a leadership partner, working alongside its customers to solve complex workplace issues. Among the issues Hays plan on tackling include helping its clients design and implement strategies to create inclusive and equitable workplaces; delivering insights through people data to support clients in their decision-making; providing advice on how to access talent networks that deliver the best fit for their business; helping create attractive employer propositions by understanding a company’s identity; and providing support with all aspects of early careers proposition. 

Hays also explained that it recognises that professionals seek different forms of support in their career, which means greater investment in becoming a career advocate to its candidates by providing them with the necessary insights and tools to aid them in their careers. Additionally, the company hopes to facilitate learning to ensure their skills remain relevant, and assist them in developing a career roadmap. 

“Hays sits at the heart of what economies need most to thrive – talented workforces – and we know that the creation, development and retention of workforces are becoming more complex. Our business is all about people, so this next phase of our own evolution is designed to better solve these challenges for our clients and candidates," Alistair Cox, Hays chief executive, said. Cox explained that by doing so, the company aims to help more businesses and the people in them to succeed in a rapidly changing world of work. 

Hays is a specialist in recruitment and workplace solutions, and operates across the private and public sectors. As at 31 December 2021, the company employed 12,100 staff operating from 254 offices. According to Hays, it has placed around around 60,000 candidates into permanent jobs, and around 220,000 people into temporary roles. 

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