Car rental company Hertz is being sued by 47 customers who alleged that they were falsely reported as having stolen the company's rental cars. Some were even jailed as a result, multiple media outlets including CNN , ABC , and Bloomberg . According to CNN, some of the plaintiffs claimed they were being "blind-sided by arrests". Some of these arrests were reportedly carried out at gunpoint and while in some instances they also spent time in jail.

Some of the plantiffs even claimed they lost their jobs as a result of the arrests, CNN said. Hertz was also sued for "systemic flaws" in its reporting of thefts. According to CNN, these included not documenting rental extensions, falsely claiming that customers have yet to make payment, failing to track its vehicle inventory as well as failing to amend false police reports.

Hertz filed for bankruptcy two years ago but eventually emerged from it in 2021. The company previously told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE in 2020 that it was business as usual for the company in Asia. 

The car rental company has since said that it is "reviewing and considering each claim brought against Hertz on its individual merits". The company has also reportedly extended settlement offers to dozens of claimants and its spokesperson told CNN that Hertz will continue doing so "on a case by case basis".

CEO Stephen Scherr said in April that "several hundred people" were impacted by the company's errors, CNBC reported back then. He added that the company is going to "deal properly with people who are affected" and it has also changed its policies to avoid the possibility of customers being falsely arrested. MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out to Hertz for comment.

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