Hong Kong tech startup Bloom has created a spending cash-back app in collaboration with Visa Hong Kong. The app consists of three functions aimed at enhancing user experience. It offers deals and member exclusive promotions across the city where users can explore the latest promotions of their favourite brands via the app. For example, by linking a Visa card to Bloom and spending with the Visa card at partnering brands, members can earn rebates immediately as rebates will be instantly distributed to the user’s Bloom account. 

The app also offers easy registration with users just required to provide their phone number and email address before using the app. Meanwhile, the “Explore” tab is a content portal for members to check out the latest promotions and offers from brands; while the “Follow” function allows users to become a member of any brand on Bloom and discover the latest trends.

"While cash rebate apps have been popular for some time, the rebate mechanism and conversion have always been a part needed to be optimised for user experience. We are pleased to address users’ painpoints by handling sophisticated application and redemption procedures with technology, allowing consumers to enjoy an all-new seamless shopping experience. We hope with the emergence of Bloom, we can turn digitalised cash rebates into a new normal in Hong Kong’s retail segment, benefiting the broader consumer community," said Eddie Rong, founding member of Bloom.

The company said the technical support is provided by Visa Hong Kong’s back-end system for processing card transactions. Bloom can distribute instant rebates by identifying eligible transactions and Visa cardholders, enabling rewards redemption in a timely manner.

“The development of digital technology has further unleashed the potential of traditional retail markets, setting a new trend in merging online and offline shopping experiences to boost Hong Kong’s local economy. We hope Bloom’s major upgrade can bridge the gap between the conventional retail industry and digital technology, and attract stakeholders from different areas to join the ecosystem and together contribute to the city’s economic growth," said Justin Chan, founding member of Bloom.

To promote the launch of the app, a Bloom-themed truck will go on a roadshow in the city between 16 and 24 October 2021. Hong Kong residents can enter a lucky draw for exciting prizes by becoming a member and successfully adding a Visa card to Bloom.

“The pandemic has led to a significant shift in consumers' behaviours and preferences, thus accelerated digital transformation. The partnership with Bloom is testament to the fact that we listen to the consumers, and we are here to serve their needs. Visa will continue to work closely with Bloom in the hope of bringing out the best user experience and setting a new standard for cash rebate apps," said Maaike Steinebach, general manager, Visa Hong Kong and Macau.

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