The Transport Department (TD) has launched a six-month trial to enhance pedestrian safety by installing a new auxiliary device at road crossings to raise awareness of road safety.  With the penetration of hand held smart devices, pedestrians using signalised crossings are more prone to be glued to their mobile devices with their heads nodding downwards, with less attention paid to the traffic signals. To draw pedestrians' awareness of the traffic signal and upkeep safety at the crossings, the department launched a trial by installing auxiliary devices to remind pedestrians not to cross the road when the "red man" is lit, according to the department’s website.

Comprised of a LED light module and an extension arm from traffic signal pole for mounting, t he auxiliary device projects a red light onto the waiting area of footpaths when the "red man" symbol is lit. The red light reflected from the ground or mobile device can serve to remind pedestrians, especially those looking at their mobile phones, that they should not cross the road when the "red man" symbol is lit.

red light 2 red light

The arm extends horizontally from the traffic signal pole and mounts the LED light module at its far end. It serves to provide better coverage of red light onto the pedestrian waiting area.  The red light is emitted only when the "red man" is lit, which goes off when the "green man" or flashing "green man" is on. The red light intensity is adjusted automatically to suit ambient light conditions, and is safe to pedestrians.

The device serves to support the current functions of pedestrian traffic signals in auxiliary fashion, rather than a replacement of them.   The auxiliary devices will be installed at four junctions starting from July, including Percival Street/Foo Ming Street in Causeway Bay, Tsuen Wan Market Street, Sha Tin Centre Street and Waterloo Road/Hereford Road. Upon completion of the trial, the department will review the effectiveness of the device and consider the way forward.  
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