A YouTube influencer in Hong Kong, along with one of his assistants, was reportedly arrested over unlawful detention after a video of him shaming an alleged pedophile went viral online. A search by  MARKETING-INTERACTIVE , showed that the video depicted a man scolding another who was kneeled, and questioning him on his actions. In the YouTube video, the YouTuber had pretended to be a 13 year old boy and arranged a meeting with the man who he suspected to be a pedophile. 

According to a report from the  South China Morning Post , the man who was confronting the kneeled young man was YouTuber Rock Gor. The YouTuber has over 160k subscribers on YouTube and has over 34.7k followers on Instagram. He largely positions himself as a fitness enthusiast. Several of his posts indicated that he had worked with fitness brand Myprotein Hong Kong. The brand did not issue any statement about their partnership with him. 

Rock Gor described himself as an angry, arrogant and honest person, while his existence was to "beat" everything that is negative. He also invited other people to create videos to challenge him, as well as welcomed people to offer him tip-offs so he can "purify" society. 

Meanwhile, the police is still searching for other three men believed to have helped document the incident taking place on 11 July 2021 at Kowloon City. The police said when the young man had arrived, he was confronted by five men and was accused of demanding indecent photos from underage boys.  The police also said more than 100 videos and 50 photos of child pornography were found on the kneeled man's phone. The police also urged netizens to not take actions into their own hands. 


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