Hong Kong's Transport Department has launched a new video showcasing unkind and inconsiderate acts on public transport.

Aimed at reminding passengers to think twice and be considerate, the campaign features a three-minute video which includes 12 common forms of misconduct on public transport, such as rushing into the train compartment while the doors are closing, watching videos without using earphones, and eating/drinking on trains.

In the video, local actress Deanie Ip, who is also a frequent user of public transport, reprimands 12 passengers who are being rude, disturbing drivers and passengers alike. She requests they be more respectful and considerate on trains and buses.

The Transport Department has collaborated with the MTR, KMB, New World First Bus, Citybus, and New Lantao Bus to produce an online video along with a 30-second cut-down version for TV. The TV commercial and online video were launched on 25 February 2019. The video has already amassed 315,000 views on The Tank creative agency's official Facebook page.


Client: Transport Department
Strategic Partners: MTR, KMB, New World First Bus & Citybus, New Lantao Bus
Agency: The Tank
Chief Strategist: James Zi
Account Servicing: Wylie Lam, Angus Chan, Cyrus Ng, Kiko Cheung
Creative: Kim Lam, Long Tsui, Tammy Tam
Director: Aleck Woo
Producer: Venus Cheuk


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