People have been compelled to stay at home due to pandemic outbreaks and social distancing precautions in the last two years, and customers have turned to online shopping, resulting in the rise of online e-commerce platforms. On top of that, Chow Sang Sang, a premier jewelry retailer, put more emphasis on promoting its online e-commerce platform in recent years in response to the potential business opportunities and trends of young consumers shopping online.

With an ever-growing customer base and jewelry offering, Chow Sang Sang faced the challenge of recommending the right products to online shoppers. The brand also needed a mechanism to retain hesitant shoppers and nudge them to complete purchases. This is particularly important for luxury goods because customers generally require more time when looking at expensive high-end products.

In order to give hesitant shoppers a timely push, Chow Sang Sang first used Appier’s CrossX AI solution to predict potential consumers’ interests and deliver related ads to those who recently visited the website. The system will automatically present the items displayed on the ad according to the user’s browsing history or deliver a promotion to attract users to visit the official website again. 

figure 1 appier ai salesman helps chow sang sang jewelry boost online sales

Moreover, Chow Sang Sang divided the items on the website into three segments: “wedding jewelry,” “gifts,” and “daily wear” according to its past sales records. By defining the main products and comparing the keywords and user interests, Chow Sang Sang could identify the most prominent personas that have a higher chance to click on ads, which could then be further leveraged to boost sales by retargeting to the main segments and targeting the personas.

Appier’s AiDeal can also serve as an AI salesperson and automatically predict hesitant customers by collecting over 400 types of on-site behavior data. Once identified, AiDeal will present customers with an additional incentive in the form of a pop-up to assist with the last-mile conversion to monetise the traffic.

chow sang sang collaborates with appier and mindshare to enhance the conversion rate of the website

“ECommerce is a self-help platform with no staff or human intelligence to observe customers' emotions and interest. AI acts like a virtual salesman to speed up the checkout process by finding the right audience and engaging them at the right moment,” said Fai Leung, associate director   of Omni Channel Business Integration of Chow Sang Sang. "AI is comprehensive enough to cover all our product categories while in-depth enough to study every user's preferences to recommend products that truly cater to their potential needs,” Leung concluded.

With the joint efforts of Appier and Mindshare Hong Kong, Appier and Mindshare Hong Kong helped Chow Sang Sang match its large jewelry offering with the right customers and provide a seamless shopping experience to its onsite customers. During the competitive Xmas season, Chow Sang Sang successfully reduced the cost per action (CPA) by 52% and increased the conversion rate of its website by 49% by adopting Appier’s smart AI solutions - CrossX and AiDeal. 

Chow Sang Sang also took home the silver award for the Best Use of Smart Data Analytics category at The Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2022. 

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